Monday, May 4, 2009

A date with Eric

After Myrna & Gilbert's wedding and reception Eric and I decided to get a little "alone time" before heading back to our respective homes.  We took a long romantic stroll along the banks of this pond - sniffing out deer and duck poopies along the way....

We checked out the beautiful flowers in a nearby garden....

After several hours of sniffing and roaching Eric took me to this very exclusive and romantic restaurant - the tables are INSIDE a nursery greenhouse!!

We sat at this table (check out the legs!)

We drank some wine

(we really didn't drink THAT much wine)

Eric was a little tired & tipsy at the end of the evening

And I was just giddy!

Thank you Eric!!! xoxoxo


Joe Stains said...

Looks like a perfect date for sure! Did you leave some peemail on that tree table??

Asta said...

You and Ewic always know the most womantic spots..Fwom those pictoowes I can tell bof of you wee delewiously happy(and not just fwom the wine)heheh
smoochie kisses

Eric said...

Toffee..thank dog you didn't show the censored photies,heehee!! I hope you enjoyed our wagging wonderful romantic rendevous a deux. You look ravishing (gulp- is your Mom reading this?) I meant.. really part is after all that wine we had I saw at least three of you!!! Sigh. Pawfect. But parting is such sweet sorrow...

Lovies and snoggies, your boy xxxxxxxxxxx.

Niamh said...

How romantic Toffee. You and Eric had a great date. I can see why you are giddy.

Your friend,

Mango said...

You both do look a bit silly after all that wine.


Stanislaw said...

There's some excellent roaching going on in that last photo there. A+ thrashing, in my book.

Sophie Brador said...

Toffee!!!!! Me and mom are going to NY at the end of May and are thinking about maybe going to Boston for a couple of days on the way home. We'll let you know!!!


Agatha and Archie said...

hee hee heee We like the pic of you tipsy!!! HA HA HA HA Love A+A

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