Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bucket list

The recent news of my 2 legged friend "E" getting breast cancer has gotten me thinking about a bucket list, or rather a dog treat jar list. What would be on your treat jar list?

This is mine - so far:
1. meet my sweetie Eric nose to nose (even though I would probably howl at him).
2. have my pawrents hand feed me my meals
3. have Dr. Izzy's homemade doggy ice cream treats for dessert every day for a week
4. be able to participate in Junior Earthdog
5. roach in every Boston pahk (park)
6. NYC pet boutique shopping spree
7. eat a Montreal bagel with Ms. Brador
8. sleep a full 22 rather than 20 hours a day
9. eat the giant hamburger all by myself (see picture above)

Again, please go and visit my friend "E" to give her your words of encouragement and support by clicking HERE.


Mango said...

OK, little chihueagle, I am going to confess something here. After I clicked to leave a comment, momma went and did laundry and a bunch of other stuff that required my supervision and by the time we got back to the pooter she totally forgot what your bloggy was even about.

Can you believe it?


Lacy said...

w00f's, that sounds like a pawsome bucket list...heeheee we do that summtimes too mango, mama has to go back to the google reader and read stuffs again..

b safe,

Mrs. Caffrey said...

To all of Toffee's friends,

Thank you for visiting my blog and sending the positive vibes. They really do help!

Elizabeth, soon-to-be cancer survivor and all around cancer kick asser.

Eric said...

Toffee my sweetie pupcake! That's my girl howl at me??? In delight??? No swooooooning? I love your list of 9 - that's a very wagging idea for one of those tag things???vHere's mine

1.Be with my Toffee 24/7
2. Eat 24/7. Not at the same time as no.1 or no. 3
3.Sleep with my Toffee 22/7- teehee!!
4.Own a toy that has an indestructable squeeekie
5.Move the scary black lab up the road to Scotland
6.Have Petey teach me all his neat ball tricks then go shopping with Asta in NYC
7. Compare our jeans with Twinnie and Step
8.Chase the stupid Turkey with Scruffy,Stan and Lacie.
9. Be allowed onto the leggeds bed, sleep there too when I'm not doing no 3.
10. Play tug again with TM!

Love and kissies fur ever Eric xxxxxxxx

Stacey said...


As soon as summer starts here in Boston, I'm gonna be whipping you up some treats!! I really do hope we get some summer, cause I love having you over to romp in my yard!!

Dr. Izzy

Fred said...

Interesting question! I like your list, and I'll have to give this one some thought!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We had the whole hamburger to ourselves just one time, Toffee! You gotta go for it! It so much fun!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Brat Pack said...

We just wanted to send good wishes to E and tell you we love your blog.

The Brats

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