Monday, December 14, 2009

New York! New York!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit some of my NY pals and my *sweetie* Eric, well flat Eric in the city that never sleeps - New York Cit-tayyyy!

Believe me when I tell you that flat Eric was indeed there - he flew all the way over the big pee I tell you!
(although he appears invisible in these pictures - maybe invisibility is a side effect of jet lag?)

Here is a cute picture of Asta welcoming us into her home on a rainy day.  Flat Eric said he was sorry that he brought the rain with him but I think the rain was from the tears of the other DWB friends that were unable to make it to the big apple.

Below is a picture of flat Eric and Asta playing hide and seek with a paper bag.

We took the Amtrak train from Beantown to NYC. Unfortunately, Riley and I had to shrink ourselves to go unnoticed by the conductor.  Since it was a bit wet outside the group decided to stop for a "cap-paw-cino"

After our hot drink we then decided to stroll along 5th avenue to see the Christmas windows.  Unfortunately the weather insisted on not playing nice so we ducked into a really neat store called Takashimaya.  They have a lot of really neat Japanese articles there and a booootiful floral department!

This was the only picture that we could get before we got disciplined for posing with the posies.  After taking a tea break in the fancy tea shoppe downstairs we attempted to stroll along 5th Ave again before heading home to Beantown.

Thank you to Ami, George, Asta, flat Eric,  and the 2-leggeds for a wonderful day!!

One last pic of me passed out on my lamb and much expanded after eating the NYC cookies that Eric bought me...nom nom nom nom...


TwoSpecialWires said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time, despite being disciplined among the posies. Some people just don't get it. (Think of all the positive publicity you could have generated! And such cute and well behaved little dogs, too.)

So. Is that how you do it to puff up? Eat cookies? Imagine! Seems we coud have figured that out around here!

Hope the rest of your holidays are as pleasant as these few days appeared to be!
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Mango said...

What a wonderful trip. Miss Asta in person and Eric in his flat form!


Sunny,Scooter,Shamus&Jamie said...

Man, we are sorry we haven't been by to see you in so long. Danged puters.....
Mom says she remains soooo jelly that we don't get to hop a train to visit Aunty Ami, Unca George and Asta. Not to mention Petey an Duffy. Just jelly.
Glad y'all had a good time tho!!
Sunny, Scooter & Shamus

Sparky said...


Oh, invisibility is definitely a side effect of jet lag.

Looks like you've all had a wonderful time! Asta and Eric are so much fun!

I hope you have a GRRRReat week ahead!


Eric said...

Crickey Pupcake - you don't think the Mom's have caught onto the whole jet wag invisibility thingie do you? Or they would see me curled up beside you and lamb teehee!

Wasn't it a blissfull day stuffed full of fun and happiness despite the naughty snow and rain? Me and the leggeds had such a wagging good time with you. Sigh. Aw sweetie. Just wish we could of kittynapped you and Mom for a lot lot longer.

Now gotta run . I'm off to write a note to Santa to tell him to put Miss Christmas in my Woof stocking or for you in stockings.....haaaaa!!!

Oooooodles of wiry love my sweetie pupcake. Your Eric xxxx

Oh and tell Mr Grumpy he makes one handsome Mr Christmas!

Asta said...

Toofee and Wiley
I want to thank you fow going thwoo the twouble to come all this way and disguise youwselves in owdew to meke the twip.

I looooved seeing you and youw Mom. I know it was wowf it to see youw sweetheawt Toffee, Ewic, flat ow not, loves you so much and I know he was tickled pink to seee you and kiss those soft eaws and lips again. When he stayed hewe wif me, all he could talk about is the wondew of you.

Youw Mommi was so bwave to come in that pouwing wain, I'm glad we wewe able to see you and that you got to go to my favowite stowe..Takashimaya is magic.
Pleeez come again soon
smoochie kisses
pee ess. maybe next time you can figoowe out a way to ome wifout having to shwink youwselves and we can womp in bettew weathew

Agatha and Archie said...


Kari in WeHo said...

just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the card! can't wait to read more about you

Momo and Pinot said...

Toffee and Riley! You were teeny tiny but looks like you had a great time to get caught up with Asta and her family. ahh... NYC, huh! We're so so jealous!! Mom says she came by Takashimaya in NYC a long ago... Last month, she stopped by their another branch in Shinjuku,Tokyo. She said it was a neat department store as well. I (Momo) love shopping!!!

Happy holidays!
Momo & Pinot

Sophie Brador said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR T & R and smoochies to your mom!



Hi T and R
Happy New Year! Glad you had a super fun time in NYC. Ummm with all this snow and cold my dog booties have been in good use. Glad your patients may get a chance to use them.

PS I'm looking for mr riley's photos for mango minster. I've seen you in action!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Stopped by to say Happy New Year. A bit late. We hope 2009 ended well for you and that 2010 is an amazing year. We'll try to keep in touch via the underground.

Miss ya.
Jake and Fergi xxoo

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