Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Riley!

Hello Riley (aka Birthday boy) here!  Since it is my 10th birthday Toffee has allowed me to take over her blog for the day - personally I think she is too tired from her trip to Paris to blog.  Oh speaking of her trip to Paris please go over to Petey's blog to read about her terrierific trip by clicking HERE.

Now back to me...

Mom & dad made a special trip to the Polka Dog Bakery so that I could pick out a special treat for me!  I know it looks like I am about to poop but I am actually sniffing out some good stuff.
Checking out some food here
Scoping out a present for Petey's barkday next week
Now THIS is what I want!

Oh and maybe some of these

Anyway, when we got home I wasted no time getting my "party" on
Happy birthday to me!
Pee-ess: Thank you very much to my Nana & Pops who sent me a pawsome birthday card!
pee-pee-ess: Thank you Eric for the yummy treats that I stole from Toffee
pee-pee-pee-ess: Thank you for the barkday card Agatha & Archie!!
Pee-pee-pee-pee-ess: Thank you for the goodies Asta!  I love the bouncy ball and Toffee loves the squeaky!


Petey said...

Happy Birthday Dear Riley...or, since I'm writing this to you from Paris...Bon Anniversaire cher Riley!

Isn't it funny how all the BEST dogs are born in February?

Hope you're having fun while Toffee is here in Paris, doing the can-can!

Your pal,


Asta said...

Happy Biwfday Rikley
I can't believe you'we Ten
Oh My look fantastic, and mommi and daddi say , you awe like a pup..full of life and love..they wewe so happy to see you yestewday!
I hope you got all the love I sent.
That cake looks pawsome..enjoy evewy last cwumb, and many many mowe
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Oops I mean Riley..I think my typist is still half asneep

Agatha and Archie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL!!! WE are just starting to unfreeaze from yesterday.....We have a card here from Asta that her MOm forgot to give you so we will mail it by snail mail.Hope you are having a FABULOUS DAY!!!!!!!(that cake looks pawsome) Love and birthday kisses A+A

Clover said...

Happy Barkday Riley!! Looks like you are having a great one!
Love Clover xo

Niamh said...

Happy Birthday Riley! Congratulations on being 10! Yay! And what a great birthday cake. I am sure it was delicious and you enjoyed it.

Your friend,

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...


Happy Barkday, Man!!!!!

Just poppin' by to give ya hooge wishies and to tell ya we're sorry we've not been to your bloggie recently...and (Scruffy tucks his tail...) we missed Toffee's Barkday...Stan and Scruffy toss hooge kisses in the direction of Paris toward Toffee...hope Lacie doesn't catch those...

Lacie texted us from might be a good idea if YOUR MOM

Happiest Barkday Ever!!!!

Scruffy and Stan...

and Lacie from gay Paree...

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Toffee...hey...just a quick text to say Petey and I will meet up with you two love birdies later...I hafta go do a little shoppin' for Khyra and need his plastic shoppin' card....

This weekend has been just a whirlwind of surprises...

I was a little confused over that bidet drinkin' fountain thingie, but Eric and Petey BOTH said it was ok to drink from it. So I don't know why they were all freaked our when I chewed the one out of our bafroom and took it to the theater with us (makin' it a portable bidet..) I so cannot eat popcorn with out my Coke Zero...I can't help it crushed the man next to us when I tossed it on the seat. Tra la la la...

When we come back I'm wondering if we could meet for coffee and you could give me some flirtin' lessons....????

Love and kisses...Laciegirl

River said...

Happy Birthday Riley! That cake looks deeelishus. Hop you get lots of presents.

love & wags,

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Riley!
I hope your cake was delicious and you had some treats too!
Kisses and hugs

mau said...

Ran as fast as I could to get here before it was to late to say, "HAPPY PAW-DAY TO RILEY" glad I wasn't to late. Hugs and Kisses from Dr.Izzy's mom

Mango said...

Happy birthday, little Riley!


Eric said...

HAPPY BARKDAY RILEY!! Wow double digits. You still look like a puppy boy to me.Very handsome. You been doing the odd bit of Dogtox? He,eee!! It was wagging good to see you,glad you have had some of the treats dude. Cake looks pawsome..Peanut butter?? Dogalicious. Hope you had the bestest one ever.

Wiry wags, ERic xxxx

Joe Stains said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You got the most amazing looking cake!

Amber-Mae said...

Happy Barkday to you Riley! You're ten? No way! You look still young to me. Hee! That cake looked delish. I hope you had a spectacular Barkday!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday, Riley! OMG, we can't believe you're 10! Enjoy your cake! It looks so yummy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

happy said...

Happy belated barkday, Riley! Sounds like you had a great one!

Lacy said...

w00f's Toffee and Riley, ooo Riley, me iz sooo sorry me iz late wiff ur barkday wishes...but it looks like u had a pawsome one...u gots to meet all those hoomans...thats sooo hopes u has many many more...

b safe,

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