Friday, February 20, 2009


Waiting.....for a miracle to help Bogart's dad. meet up with Asta's mommi & daddi
AND Agatha & Archie's PLs

Waiting.....for my big double date with Eric (blush)
Petey & Lacie girl.



Clover said...

That is a lot of waiting. I hope Bogart's daddy is better soon - he has a lot of supporters here in the blogosphere - I hope we are helping him!
And hope you have a great weekend - sounds like you will!
Love Clover xo

Sparky said...


You must learn lots of patience with all this waiting, eh? We really hope Bogart's dad gets better soon, too...

Thank you so much for bidding on my painting... Those Aussie animals are gonna be very happy when we give the proceeds to them...

I hope you have a grrrrEAT weekend my friend!


Eric said...

Pupcake. You look bootiful in the snow photos. And mmmmm I love the smell of chewnel on your hot spots!!

I hope your leggededs have a wagging good time with Asta's Mommi and Daddi and the PL's too. how cool. Mom is jelly!! Course they are being pawlite cos WE know they are coming to see you and Reily and Twinny and Step really. Have a wagging good time.

Now I'm off to see Bogart again to tell him we are there for him then to see Sparky cos his bloggie wouldn't load last night.Then I'll be picking you up....mon ami..

love and snoggies, Eric xxxx

Mango said...

Gosh, you have a lot of action coming up. Can't wait to see it all.


Petey said...

Toffee, at least one of the things you're waiting for is over! Come see the photos from Paris!

Your pal,


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