Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That's phat with a PH.

HAPPY FAT TUESDAY aka Mardi Gras to my loyal readers! Now in Canada, my mother and *sigh* brother's native land, they celebrate Shrove Tuesday and/or PANCAKE TUESDAY on this day. Yes, PANCAKES!!! Mom had always wondered why people stare at her in a befuddled manner when she called today "pancake tuesday" - apparently the tradition is more of a U.K. and Commonwealth country thing. Besides eating pancakes, some people even participate in pancake races - a tradition where contestants run while carrying a frying pan complete with a pancake in it. At certain points along the course the contestant must flip the pancake successfully. I guarantee that this would be a race that I would lose overall; although I would have a personal victory of eating my pancake and NOT having to run.

In case you were wondering, YES, I did have begrudgingly only part of a pancake for breakfast. Apparently that is all that mom and dad 2b could spare their loyal chihueagle. To watch a delightful little "pancake" video featuring my pal "S" and her sister click here.

It wouldn't be a proper "Phat Tuesday" post if I didn't include some Mardi Gras photos. I found these pictures of a Mardi Gras dog parade. I wonder if these dogs had to show their mammary glands to get beads?


Stacey said...

PANCAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Toffee, so sad that you only got part of one! I was going to leave you a message telling you all about my sister and our pancakes, but it seems like you have already seen our now "classic" video. I think the pancake tradition is awesome! It's cool you have Canadian ancestry.

Your Pal,

mau said...

Oh no....I make the pancake video reappear again for you Toffee...am off to go look for the missing "S" video

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