Saturday, February 2, 2008

...we interrupt our regular programming...

Sorry, but I had to post about the new Patriots jerseys that my mom bought us to wear while rooting the New England Patriots! Oooh, that Tom Brady is dreamy! Pictured above is my *sigh* brother in his new jersey. I have to admit that I love the "bandwagon" it is rather comfy...GO PATS!

....GO PATS!...woof.


Bride-to-be said...

No offense Toffee. I like you I really do but those jerseys are not for you. The colors are all wrong and they make you look fat. I am only saying this because I care.


Bride-to-be said...

You can tell your dad 2 be I am sorry for his loss but I am too excited for my win to care. You should have worn the blue jerseys of the New York football Giants.

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