Thursday, February 21, 2008

You've been mooned.

(source: Associated Press)

Last night Mom, dad 2b, my *sigh* brother Riley and I ventured outside to check out the lunar eclipse. I hope that some of my loyal readers had a chance to view this most spectacular sight! The moon is a celestial sight near and dear to my dad 2b. Firstly, my dad 2b hosts a hash house harrier run around the full moon every month. Additionally, there was a full lunar eclipse just before the Red Sox (TM) won the world series in 2004 and most importantly (to me) it was just after the "Boston Red Sox(TM)" lunar eclipse of 2004 that my mom & dad 2b first met!

Pictures of the lucky event:

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For some really cool pictures of last night's lunar eclipse seen around the world click here.

Incidentally, there is a full moon the night before my parents' wedding.

p.s. my *sigh* brother wishes to thank all those that wished him a happy birthday!

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