Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green with excitement!

The Boston Celtics basketball defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and are now advancing to the conference finals against the Detroit Pistons...okay, I slept through the whole game but that is not the point - I mean there WERE rabbits to chase in my dreams you know....

wow! I seriously never thought that I would find the Celtics' bandwagon as cushy and as comfy as being on the bandwagon for the Red Sox.  Maybe mom will buy me one of these cool Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt so that I can wear it to Willow and Putter's birthday pawty tomorrow.
Go Celtics! There I said it - now back to zzzzzzz...


Niamh said...

Hi Toffee,

Go Celtics!

In answer to your question, my name is Irish and it means "sheen" or "luster". My person named me that because I am so shiny. And yes my birthday is coming up. I'll be 3 years old on May 27th!

Your friend,

Mango said...

Between red sox and celtics, I'm hardly getting any attention. All my humans do is watch the TV. Go figure.


Eric said...

Hi Toffee, Don't really understand much of your postie cos I don't know bout basketball stuffie but I DO know bout Bunnies, I chased lots of real ones this weekend!!! And cupcakes...yuummm.. lovely. I wagged over hoping to see the cup cakes but they were t shirts...was sad.. but Mom loved them!! You can get your zzzzzzzzzzzz's again now.

By bye. Eric x

Anonymous said...

I was very very sad my team got through to the final and lost, ails was shouting her head off, then she was crying because they lost.:(

lots of licks


Agatha and Archie said...

We know They do nothing but watch tv too!!! Did you see John Lester's no hitter yesterday!!! Love A+A

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