Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Junior Earthdog here I come!

After cheering on my blogger friend Agatha a few weeks back I have been inspired to train to participate in an Earthdog event myself.   To read my blogpost on Agatha attaining the first level of Junior Earthdog click here.  Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rats - especially the city rats that live in my area - I imagine that they are so tasty.  You see I live in the Italian section of the city so my rats are especially fat from all of the pasta - I believe they are carbo loading for me!   Eventually I will have to learn how to get to the ratsies by going into a tunnel like the one above.  For now I am just concentrating on chasing the ratsies in my 'hood.  

Well last night I stepped up my training a notch much to the dismay of my dad2b.  
A picture of our alley:
Usually on our way back from our walk we get let off our leash once we turn the corner to our alley.  On a usual night we run straight to our door which backs on to the alley; well not last night.  Last night was different.  
Riley and I could smell the ratsie odor as soon as we turned the corner - he was taunting us twitching is little ratsy whiskers - we HAD to chase him.  And that is just what we did.  I let out the loudest chihueagle howl that I could - ARROOOOO! We chased that carbo-loaded rat right out of our alley!  I was howling so loud out of the excitement! My howl was so intense and shrill that mom came running out of the apartment to see me running toward the street chasing the rat (ed. I never made it to the street). Man! Riley and I were such a team! I chased the rat and Riley grabbed the rat and shook it - WHAT A THRILL!!!  At one point dad2b was helping but it seemed more like he was chasing me rather than the rat. I mean dad2b is fast but he is no rat chaser and frankly he got in the way with all of his screaming.  In fact mom and dad2b were both screaming our names - at first I thought that they were cheering us on but they screamed so much that it made me turn my head and it made Riley drop the rat.  We could have had that rascally rat if it weren't for those meddling parents!

I will get you next time my rascally rat!

On a happy note - at least I got some really good training in for my Earthdog attempt.

Toffee, this is mom here.  Unfortunately, the American Kennel Club does not allow Chihueagles to participate in Earthdog events.  You could always help Riley with his training. Sorry.

Seriously?? No chihueagles in Earthdog?? Oh, come on! I could do way better than this dog who seems more interested in the little tree than with getting down to business!  

oh....maybe I could get my Junior Asphalt alleydog title??....
ed. Some DWB people expressed concern that Riley & I may have run into the street while chasing the rat - please note that I never, in fact, ran into the street because dad2b caught me in time.  Although mom & dad2b both reacted as if I had - they were very upset and told Riley & I that our off-leash running in the alley has now been revoked.

Hi, this is Nunzio the North End rat writing...all I have to say is - ha! ha! I got awayyy!


Deetz said...

That is so cool you caught the rat!!! BUT, did you look both ways before going into the street? That could have been disasterous..You could have been killed. My mum says look both ways before crossing the road. I think your pawents should start their own trials and agility meets for you and then later you can compete against the terriers...wouldn't that be fantastic. I think you would be great at it.

Lacy said...

w00f's toffee and riley, hmm me agrees wiff deetz, u cooda been hurted bad...but it wuz fun to chase dat rat...me sorrwy u dont git to join the competition, but mayb u can find another group to play wiff...

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Anonymous said...

I think your very brave catching a rat..... and going into that busy street, i have to always sit at the kerb then i've to look both ways in case of the big wheels come. Well i say i have to look i dodnt' really i'm too busy doing my nosey.

there is a wee surprise for you's on my site as well for others, check out my post on good friends.

lots of licks


Deetz said...

I bet they were totally besides themselves...mum freaked out last night. It was hot in the house so I stayed outside and about 2am she was calling me and daddy even got the flashlight and was hollaring and looking for me...mum yelled "want a snackie"...and I came running...they were freakin out, but I wasn't too far away.

Lacy said...

w00f's Toffee and Riley, sooo happy u mom and dad2b caught u in time... it dont take but a second for sumthing bad to happen..mama and daddy knows dat all to well, they lost their precious Jojo to the busy highway below our place...

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Agatha and Archie said...

WHOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!He got it in his MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man you guys are light years ahead of us!!!!! The thrill of the hunt and then POW you catch it!!! PL2 says she would have DIED if it had happened to us....I did get a skunk once though He walked away too....Who needs Earth dog We are coming to your house!!Nunzio sounds like a big mouth.....Did you have to have your mouths cleaned out??Love A+A

Eric said...

Boy oh boy, I'm so proud of you my wiry friend. What a team you and Riley make!!! Both true Earth dogs!! Did you get ribbons like Agatha's? You both deserve one if not twenty....

But you pals, listen to Deetz with his wise head on don't scare Mom or Dad 2b, you need to learn your lefts and rights right?

Proud wags, Eric x

Lacy said...

w00f's toffee and riley, wuz reading comments in astas bloggy aND dat poem, mama has had it furever..she loves it, got it when one of her heart doggies died, Butty, and it helps wiff losing both hoooman and furry family...

b safe,
~rocky and company~

Lorenza said...

What is wrong with them no letting chihueagles take part in Earthdogs?? Not fair!
I just can imagine all the episode with that rat! Sure it was fun!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh that sure sounds like an adventure. But you wont eat hamsters right..

~ Girl girl

happy said...

Oh wow, that is some rat chase! Sorry to hear you can't participate in Earthdog. Why ever not? I'm sure you'll be really great!

Mango said...

Maybe you could get your mom to sew you up a foxie suit. Somebody with your talent should not be banned from competition.

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