Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little 411 for my DWB friends.

A few of my DWB friends have inquired about the upcoming nuptuals of my mom and dad2b so I thought that I would catch you all up in this post.

After deep thought and soul searching, dad2b "popped the question" and asked both Riley and myself if he could ask mom to marry him.  Riley was his usual excited/obsessive self and kept saying "roo, roo roo roo" over and over and over...well you get the picture.  I was a little more skeptical but was finally won over with the presentation of a liver treat - admittedly I am a much harder sell than Riley!

During the summer of 2007 dad2b conspired and consulted with many over the surprise proposal.  Finally, on October 31st (yes, Halloween) it all came together.  Dad2b lured my mom to Salem, MA under the pretense that they were meeting up with friends there.  On the way to the meeting place mom had to change out of her Crocs into the more uncomfortable shoes that went with the "Beer Garden Girl" costume that she was wearing (Dad2b was dressed as a beer keg).  While she was changing shoes dad2b knelt down to "help" mom.  While kneeling dad2b explained that they were not going to a bar to meet friends, they were going to a party instead...they were going to a SURPRISE engagement party...THEIR engagement party and oh by the way would she marry him? 
(please note that this past Halloween marked the 3rd anniversary of the day they met - or rather when Riley and his border collie, Maile, forced them to meet due to somewhat inappropriate behavior)

Here is a picture taken that night:
To read a funny congratulatory blog post from "ES," a guest of said party, click here.  She even has a brief mention of Riley and I at the end of the post!

The wedding is scheduled for July 19th, 2008.  Yes! My *sigh* brother Riley and I are in the wedding party - we are the RINGBEARERS!  Mom and dad2b carefully chose their wedding/reception venue based on whether it was "dog friendly" or not - strangely this really narrows down the list of venues real fast!  They finally decided upon a seaside wedding with a poolside reception at a club nearby.  I am so excited I could pee! (but not in the pool because that is not acceptable).

Here is a picture of the ceremony site - please note that this picture was taken in November. The structure to the right is a functioning lighthouse.
Here is a sign that is posted at the ceremony venue...I wonder who's in charge of carrying doggy bags on the wedding day? My mom says that there is plenty of room in the "chest" part of her dress for numerous bags...
Here is a picture of the maid of honor, her husband and the flower "bee" (photo taken night of the engagement)
Mom has already bought me a pretty dress and a little suit for Riley, seriously.  We have tried them on once however, I will wait to share those photos with you. In fact the whole wedding is a combination of a nautical theme and dog theme.  For a peak of the invites that were sent out click here.  To see the photostamp of me click here.


happy said...

What a sweet proposal! It all sounds so exciting! Seaside wedding? How romantic! Can't wait to see the pictures when the time comes! Any sneak preview on your dress and Riley's suit?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That is so sweet. You sure were strict on dad2be Toffee. I bet your dress is really bootiful. :)

~ Girl girl

Anonymous said...

Aww that is sooo sweet... your dad2b sounds really thoughtful... he sure does love you mum... when he planned all that for her and she didn't even know.

I can't wait now for the big day :)

lots of licks


Eric said...

Yabba dabba doo!!! Your Mon n dad2bd to met each other because of 2 doggies!! How pawsome!!! I showed Mom (you know how the hoomans love a bit of lovie stuff)she's coo-oing how romantic and lovely it all is.Mom and I love the invites! Your stamps! The dog label designer drinkies! You looking after the rings,how cute are you Toffee! With so much doggie stuff going on this is sure to be the bestest hooman wedding ever!

Wiry wags to you and the Bride!
Eric x x

Deetz said...

I can't believe you didn't try and eat the ring...It looks delicious! I would have ate it. I am always ripping the earrings outta mums ears and trying to hurry up and swallow them...I cannot wait to see you in your outfits for the wedding...Should we have a dogchulers party before the wedding??? I think we should

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh this is so romantic!! Does Riley have a tux????And we know you have a stunning gown that your Mom got for you. Do you have matching heels??How about your jewlery????We CAN NOT WAIT to see the pictures!!!!! Ahhhhhh romance Love A+A

Niamh said...

I'm so glad that your people found a dog-friendly place for the reception so that you can be in the wedding party. I am sure that you will look stunning in your wedding finery.

Your friend,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffee!
Thanks for sharing the story! Sure it is romantic!
Make sure someone takes lots of pictures to show us, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

This is so sweet!

Do take many photos when the day come. We want to see :)

Boy n Baby

Asta said...

What a gweat stowy of the pwoposal and how wondewful that you get to play such an impowtant pawt in the happy day!!
It sounds like you found a pweetty fabulous Dad2B..I can't wait to see you all dwessed up !
smoochie kisses,ASTA

Mango said...

What a nice story. You are lucky that you will be in the wedding. Can't wait to see your outfit.


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