Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the mood for gelato

After reading about the heat wave that Faya was suffering through and reading about my friend Asta sharing her mommi's Nocciola gelato; I felt that it was time for Riley and I to get some refreshing gelato.  After all, it was a cloudy day and it looked like the skies were about to open up in a downpour - the perfect time for ice cream or gelato!  Come on mom!  Hurry up before it rains - you know I HATE to get my fur wet!

As we live in the Italian section of our city gelato is not too far away.  Here we are patiently waiting for our gelato.
I asked mom for "Nocciola" flavor like Asta had but they didn't have it.  Mom ended up getting me "hazelnut" because she thinks it is the same.  Oh, I just looked it up, Nocciola is the same as hazelnut, score! Here's a picture of Vinnie and our gelato.
Mom ended up getting "Straticella" or something like that.  It looked scrumptious but I wasn't allowed to try because it has dark chocolate in it - personally I think that mom was being a piggy about it!!

As it was starting to rain, mom decided to take our gelato back to our house and serve it up there.  What!??  I have to WAIT!!
(mom here)ummm...remember how you hate to get your fur wet, Toffee??  Oh, yes.

It was worth the wait
Here's Riley eating his portion.  He ate his so fast that he ate TWO portions in the time that it took me to eat my single portion!  Who is the pig now??
Ooops!  I got a little on my ear!
Even Kiwi the cat wanted in on the action...nope, sorry Kiwi no gelato for you!
(kiwi here) Huh!? Now who is the piggy!
Addendum:  I just read on Clover's blog about how she made Frosty paws!!!  Maybe I can get mom to make some for me!...and *sigh* brother Riley...


Asta Marie said...

Oh got a really looked scrumptious....I am not sure if there are any gelato stores around here...we shall have to look into that...if I get Mom to read this post, we may get ice cream again tonight....hey, Mom....come see what Toffee did....

Asta Marie, WFT

Lacy said...

w00f's Toffee and Riley, yummmmm gelato...u iz really makin me drool nowwww...

b safe,

Faya said...

Woooohoooo for Gelato ! I get ice-cream today ! Vanille-chocolat...miam miam...we are lucky !
Kisses, Faya

Agatha and Archie said...

We got real ice cream the other day from the farmers market and we got into a fight over it!! hee hee(PL2 was mortified becasue there were alot of people around....) That stuff rules!! Well we are ready for tomorrow.. we both got groomed by PL1, and Archie is out trying to find an autograph book.....We are very very excited and PL2 is hoping that Archie will be a good boy so he doesnt have to walk by himself!! Love A+A

River said...

Gelato--my mom gets tangerine. All of us love the icy cold stuffs. She gives us just a spoonful each which uses up a whole cup! Then she eats one all by herself! Talk about being a piggy, hmmphf!

love & wags,

Petey said...

Oh boy! Mommy says she used to get coffee granita with chocolate gelato at Caffe Vittorio on Hanover Street. Yum! And her favorite restaurant was Piccolo Nido on North Street. I hope we can come to Boston to visit you some day!

Your pal,


Asta said...

That gelato looked gweat!! and you wee absolutely wight it is hazelnut, heheheh..Kiwi should have licked it off youw eaw..this is the best pawt of summew
smoochie kisses

Candi said...

Hi Toffee & Riley, goodness that ice cream looks and sounds sooooooo good. It's making my mouth water, i feel as if i'm doing a homer lol.

lots of licks


Maggie & Mitch said...

Mom and dad get gelato at Libby's in New Haven all the time but do they bring any home for us? NO! You guys are sure lucky!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffee!
You two were so lucky having that gelato!
My mom has ice cream in the freezer but she does not want to give me some!
Kisses and hugs

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