Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to work we go!

My *sigh* brother Riley and I are very, very lucky because we get to go with mom to work every day!  Well, truth be told, I think the real reason that we go to work with mom is because one of us has been known to pee on the couch (or the bed) if left to my...I mean "our" own devices...but I digress.  The other day we hung out in the car as weather was rainy and cool; plus it is much more comfy in the car.  Above is a picture of me hard at work.

Here is a picture of Riley - he's on the lookout - notice our comfy bed in the back seat?

Below is a picture of Tyco the Dalmation - he also comes to work with his mom.


Momo & Pinot said...

Hi Toffee and Riley!! You two are lucky!! Having comfy and cute beds in the car and go to work with your mom?? NICE!!

Thank you for visiting our blog. We'd love to link your blog to ours... hope it's ok with you!

We wonder if we've ever bumped into your grandma & grandpa in T.O. :)

Momo & Pinot

Deetz said...

Woe, that is so cool you get to go to work with your mum..I wish I could. I have to stay at home and protect the property and I go on scavenger hunts and bring stuff home. Mum says I have to stop stealing from the neighbors, but its stuff they will never use or they wouldn't leave it laying around.

Agatha and Archie said...

WOW!!!You get to go to work with your Mom!!!!!! You are so lucky....PL2 couldn't take us because she works in a hospital.......we might get in the way.We went to the girls today AND YOUR PICTURE IS GONE!! Archie sat down on the side walk and cried until I told him that your Mom proably took it. Lisa was her usual effervescent wondefull self and had PL2 in stitches. Uh oh How did you hear about the diarrea at the Arboretum?We wanted to go today but it was too wet.......Love A+A

Sparky said...

You certainly do look like you're workin' hard, Toffee! It's a tough job to sleep in a car. Good job!


Amber-Mae said...

That's sooo kewl that you get to go to work with your mo,. I'm sooo jealous! Why can't we go along too? I'll definitely be well behaved in the office & will just play with my own ball. I will pee or poo all over the place. Promise! Will this convince my hoomans to bring us along next time? Faith says Tyco is handsome...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffee!
You are soooooo lucky! I wish I could go to work with my mom! That does not happen here in Mexico!
Kisses and hugs

happy said...

You get to go to work with your mommy? How lucky! I've been trying to follow LS to work but no luck so far.

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