Sunday, March 16, 2008

Introducing Bianca

We have a new member of our family....Bianca.  Bianca is my mom's new MacBook(TM) laptop computer that she purchased last night at the Apple(TM) Store.  Bianca is replacing Toby the Toshiba Satellite(TM) because Toby was becoming quite slow in his old age (4.5 years).  Above is a picture of me and Bianca right before she hatched.  

After my parents "adopted" Bianca they also took a trip to The Cheesecake Factory and ordered a slice of cheesecake each to go.  Sadly, they only got two pieces; I guess they didn't realize that I like cheesecake too.

In case you were wondering I am using Bianca right now to update my blog!

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Stacey said...


I am SOO jealous of Bianca!! I need to ask your Mom what made her decide to leave PC behind...I too have been considering for some time...

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