Monday, March 17, 2008

Mmmm-mac 'n cheez

Last night mmm-my  mommmm mmmade some yummmmy Mmmmm-mac and cheeeeeze.  I was soooo excited to try some but all I got was whatever spilled on the floor while she was cooking (she made it from scratch!).  boo.  Above is a picture as the mac-mmmmasterpiece was taken out of the oven last night.  Note - my mom changed the recipe and added Tater Bites as the "crust" instead of breadcrumbs for the topping. (ed. the recipe used was from "Fine Cooking" magazine).

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Stacey said...

tater Bites! That's INSPIRED!!! You KNOW i am going to do that! Looks realllyyyyy Yummy!!!

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