Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My spidey sense is tingling

Shown above is Pesto, my cat-sister. As you can see she is packed and ready to go on her trip. Unfortunately she is not entirely aware about where she is going. You see Pesto has a metabolic disease called "hyperthyroidism." This is a disease that is not uncommon in kitties; basically the problem is caused by an overactive thyroid. One of the treatments for this disease is with twice daily doses of oral "anti-thyroid" medication. Another treatment option utilizes radioactive iodine. With this treatment an injection of radioactive iodine is given with the idea that the solution will preferentially target the cells of the thyroid gland. This is the current treatment of choice to treat feline hyperthyroidism. It is usually a one time treatment and in nearly all cases eliminates the need to give oral medication. Unfortunately/fortunately she will have to stay at the hospital for three days to make sure that her "radioactivity" is at a safe level before returning home. Hopefully Pesto will not get any super powers or spidey senses with her radioactive iodine treatment today cause the last thing my parents need is more webs in their apartment.

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Bride-to-be said...

It would be awesome to come back with Spidey senses in my humble opinion...

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