Sunday, March 2, 2008

Numero Uno.

A very special woof out to Miss M who is just about to turn one year old...on March 3rd. It is amazing how fast the time goes - as I am sure Miss M's mother can attest! My mom and dad 2b went to Miss M's first birthday party today and from the sounds of it had a fabulous time.

Miss M's mom made an awesome "Winnie the Pooh" cake (with accompanying cupcakes) looks like there would have been enough to bring some home to an adoring chihueagle - but my mom said that everything was so tasty it was gobbled up.

Incidentally, Miss M will be the flower girl at the wedding of my mom and dad 2b...hopefully she will be wearing a little less lasagna on her beautiful face by July...


longbeach said...

Great pictures!!! We all had a great time too. It was great seeing everyone.


mau said...

Miss M is like Our Miss M only she will be 4months on the 4th. When Miss M is 1and8 our Miss M will be 1.She is so cute. And don't worry Toffee I think your mommie won't let us come with food on her face. But you know its OK cause you can then get to clean it being that you'll be at the wedding.

mau said...

Sorry didn't mean us meant her. mommie won't let her go with food on her face. She is so very cute anyway.

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