Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby face buckeye.

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As I noted above, this picture is not exactly a picture of me as a pup but I'd like to think that I looked much like this pup (if not a bit cuter - but I may be biased, just saying). This is a picture of a chihueagle whose elicit genetic/parental history I do not know of but this blog is rated "G" so I will not make any assumptions.

Anyway, enough about that "other" puppy. I thought I'd share a little history of myself today. I am actually from THE Ohio State - yup I'm a Buckeye - and yup you must put the "THE" in when you say Ohio State. I was found on the side of the road one cold December evening in 2002 after being hit my a car. I don't remember what got me to that point but I am pretty sure that it had something to do with my nose taking me on an adventure chasing down a rabbit or a tasty cheeseburger. My original name was "Claire" because I was found on Claire Road. THE Ohio State veterinary school was kind enough to do surgery on me paid for out of their Good Samaritan fund because I had fractured my fibula, my tibia and had several pelvic fractures. Believe it or not I have metal pins in my right leg. Well it was during my hospital stay that my luck changed as I was lucky enough to meet mom who adopted me (and *sigh* my brother Riley on the SAME day). She had just lost a dog that got killed by a car. Anyway, since that fateful meeting I have been more adored than I could have ever imagine. woof. I could still really use that aforementioned cheeseburger, however.

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ommmmg this puppy is so cute! i wish i could get it. :(

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