Friday, December 21, 2007

Helping the environment one poop at a time.

While in the U.K. mom and dad 2b went to a science museum and came across this exhibit. It was an exhibit on "Energy in the future" or something like that. Anyway, in the exhibit it mentioned that in the future we will be able to harvest energy from our own feces! So instead of taking a lunchbox to school/work one would take a "lunch/poo box" like the one pictured above. It really brings new meaning to "packing" a lunch! I already have reaped the benefits of feces as I rather enjoy dining out from the kitty litter box whenever I can. The exhibit also mentioned that one could "gift" feces to friends and family. I know that my brother and I produce a fair amount of poop - I bet we could produce some fabulous wedding gifts for mom and dad 2b AND their wedding guests!! It is seriously the gift that keeps on giving.

Above: A gift of poo. Just for you.

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