Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will blog for food.

Faithful reader "Izzy" pointed out that maybe my parents being at the "gallows" is really not such a good thing for them (see comment section in previous blog entry). This in turn means that it may not be a good thing for ME; and it is all about me, of course. Anyway, I may need to find another way of keeping myself in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. With that Pats vs. Giants game on tonight I thought perhaps I could wager on the game. In seek of guidance I turned to "The Sports Guy" who writes on and instead read an incredibly amusing entry by the "Sports Gal" (the beloved wife of "guy"). She informed and entertained me with her picks of the week. In addition she edumacated me on the "science" of picking a winner. For a good laugh read the article here.

nb. "public" I think you'd especially enjoy!

p.s. also a warm "woof" and lick out to Velvis

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