Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho. Ho. Ho.

It is nearly an hour away from Christmas day. A big "woof" out to all of my readers - well to my three dedicated readers (not including my parents). I hope that Santa was good to you this year. As you stare in to my "red eyes" think about how lucky we are that we have kibble on our table, doggie treats readily available, someone to pick up poo (okay maybe that applies only to me) and most importantly someone to snuggle with. Peace out.


Stacey said...

Why Toffee! I can see up your skirt!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And may you continue to be adored in 2008!

mau said...

That dress is really beautiful. My sister-in-law papillion also was dressed for our open house. I think you two could go to town and look very beautiful.This is Stacey's mom.

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