Tuesday, December 18, 2007

But why the red dress??

As most of you know, I am about to become part of an "official" family. My mom and soon-to-be dad are getting married this coming July! I am quite honored to be in the wedding party (more on that later). Besides spending time adoring me and *sigh* my brother, they also like to run - almost as much as I like to sleep! They are so-called "members" of the Hash House Harriers whose club slogan is "the drinking group with a running problem"...if I were to have such a club it would be more like the "sleeping/snoring group with an eating problem"...not that I consider ANYTHING about eating a problem...Anyway, here is a picture of my mom and dad running. And again, why the red dress? I hope my dad has the common sense to at least shave and show a little less leg on his wedding day.

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Your dad-to-be is looking good!

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