Sunday, December 16, 2007

Virgin No more

Hello reader(s). Toffee here. In case you have not read the title of this blog I am, admittedly, an adored Chihueagle. You may wonder what a "chihueagle" is. Well, I will enlighten you - a chihueagle is a dog that is a unique mix of a beagle and a chihuahua - do you feel enlightened now? As you can see from my picture I look mostly like a beagle. I also act mostly like a beagle as I love, love, LOVE food, and sniffing things, and sleeping - did I mention I love food? So there you have it - I have written my first blog - I am a virgin no more.
(this picture was taken of me while on vacation in Maine last August)


Stacey said...

Hi Toffee!

I am so excited to see you blogging! You really look mighty cute in that photo. I remember fondly when you helped me "water" the plants in my garden. I am subscribing to your blog, cause I know an adored chihueagle will have lots to say!!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Buon Natale Toffee,

Loved the blog...continue...brilliant writing
Great picture and great information.

Have a great Christmas and may the food continue to flow throughout the New Year.

Keep on Blogging,
Pizza, Pasta and all the neighborhood poochies..

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