Thursday, November 27, 2008

Can you hear me now?

After having a most pawtastic Thanksgiving dinner at my grandpawrents tonight I got so "tripped" on Tryptophan that I got the courage to dial up *sigh* dear sweet Eric.  Please note, thanks to Petey I have a super cool pink celly phone to do so! Thank you Petey!!

Mom!  What is Eric's number!?  Oh wait!  I have to call Petey first to thank him for the celly phone and to ask for some tips for conversing with Eric because after all they are best pals.  Oh and I also have to make a quick call to Asta to wish her mommi a very happy birthday today. Riley wants to borrow the phone too - something about getting "gentleman" lessons with Lacie next week.  That will have to wait - Mom! What is Eric's number, again?!!!
Okay, here I go...I am dialing...ooh, I am so nervous...

Eric? Eric? Hello? Are you there?

Monday, November 24, 2008

What!? It was just a fabooolous dream?!

Toffee! Toffee!  Are you awake?  

Huh? What are you talking about? I was in NYC visiting with my friends.  What? I wasn't there? It was just a dream? What? A hallucination brought on by one (or ten) of Lacie's famous Mango smoothies?

Oooh! You were sent home with a gift! For me!
Let me at it!
Look at all of this cool tissue paper! And a squeaky Cuz for Riley and some goodies and pig snouts and a squeaky chicken and a squirrel and a pink princess Nylabone and a cell phone and...A CELL PHONE!!!  Thank you so much for these fabulous gifts!!!
Eric! I am going to call you AFTER I take care of this pesky squirrel...
Eric! Are you there??
....I am waiting...Toffeetails operators are standing by...

Friday, November 21, 2008

A fabooolous visit - Take 3

After a little bit of coffee to, er...umm...sober us up, Asta suggested that we take our humans out for a walkie.

Duffy agreed even though he was still a little tipsy I think

Hey?! Where's Petey?  He had already grabbed his leash and ran out the door in excitement!
From the left is Duffy and his mom, Petey and his mom, Asta's mommi, Asta and my dad.

We met some interesting friends on our walk - and greeted them accordingly.
Duffy was convinced that he could see Eric and the UK when he looked out over the water.  He would not believe us no matter how hard we tried to convince him that he was looking in the wrong direction because he was looking at Jersey and that even though I do not have anything against Jersey, being a Springsteen fan, maybe Eric might feel slighted comparing his country to the Jersey shore....but I digress... can see Petey in the background of this picture too...

After a lovely walk along the water my friends showed me their 'hood.  
Such a beautiful area chock full of fancy stores and lovely brownstone buildings.  Everyone was so friendly too!
Petey, wanting to give a good impression as Eric's best buddy, insisted on showing me all the best spots to get dog treats.  He had to twist my paw real hard to convince me...

Look at the "big man on campus" flirting with the ladies!  He is one smooth fella!
mmmm.....can I have another smoothie to wash down my treats?....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A fabooolous visit - Part deux

After a few glasses of Prosecco Petey & Asta had an ingenious idea of suggesting that all the pawrents or "two leggeds" as (*sigh*) Eric would say...insert dream sequence here...oh! anyway! Petey and Asta suggested that the bi-peds go and fetch something to eat.  

So off they went to some frenchy french restaurant - Mom said that she had the best steak sandwich and frites ever!  I, of course, would not know because apparently she didn't even think to save a crumb for me.  Here is a picture of the yummy dessert they all shared:

As soon as the humans were out the door it was time to Paw-Tay!

"Party? Did someone say Party?" may notice this familiar party girl, Myrna...
Anyone for a game of tennis ball?  
The four of us ran back and forth and back and forth in Asta's home chasing that fuzzy yellow ball!  Asta's long hallway is just pawfect for running and getting up to full speed!  Myrna decided to supervise whilst imbibing with her own glass of Prosecco - she is too sophisticated for tennie she said; plus she did not want to ruin her Chanel cloak.

After playing ball it was time for a game of bitey face!!

...and then tug of war....
"Quick! Quick! Settle down!"  said Asta.  "They are coming back! Put on your angel dog face"
Duffy vouched for us all..."yes mommy!  we were all very good while you were gone *urp* very good, indeed!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A fabooolous visit (Part I) have another sip of Lacie's famous smoothie...there you go, are now getting sleepy....

Huh? Whut? Who is approaching?  Could it be Petey and Duffy coming to greet me on this big comfy couch?
Hi! Is this Asta too?  Everything is a bit fuzzy...
A drink? Sure I will have a drink, thanks Asta!  Oh! You put a glass of Prosecco on the table behind you? 
Thanks!  A word of warning, sometimes the bubbles make me *urp*...oopsies! Excuse me! (please don't tell Eric about my *urp* excuse me, again!).  

Ummm...isn't Duffy a little young for grown-up drinks?
Oh! Auntie Jane is supervising?! I guess that's okay....

Hi Petey! Oh! You are much clearer now!  That Prosecco really helped.  What?! You'd like some too? 
Here, have shh-um, I mean some of mine...I am feeling a little tipsy...

(to be continued)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you Eric! xoxoxoxo.

The other day the postman brought me a very special package from across the pond!  I was so excited, a package just for ME!

I saw that the parcel was from Eric and thought that he had mailed himself to me so I went right to work at opening it
Look what I got!!  A "pupcake" stuffie, a special pink "princess" wishbone chew toy, a card with a yummy "tail chaser" recipe on the back and two dog butts to sniff!
 mom here...the doggy behinds are hooks, not for sniffing. Sorry Toffee
Being part beagle I went right for the food item...the pupcake stuffie...
Another action shot...
I pawsed a moment to read a note from dear, sweet, Eric.  It says "I wish" and was attached to the wishbone chewy toy.
...I wish, too...sigh.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunflower for Girl-Girl

By now I am sure that you all know that our dear friend Girl-Girl the divine hamsterrier has crossed the bridge.  I hope that she is munching on the most heavenly sunflower seeds with FuFu.

Are thoughts are with Girl-Girl's family and all of those that have lost loved ones in the war, on this Remembrance day.

Friday, November 7, 2008


                                                     photo: courtesy of Lacie
Ahm!  This is Toffee's mom here....

Toffee!!!  What exactly do you think you are doing in such a (ahm!) close embrace with Eric! You are clutching him so tight I bet one could barely fit a piece of Saran/cling wrap between the two of you!  And what about that leg!  That is a bit too much exposure for my liking young lady! Toffee, you told us that you were going off to the UK to a Halloween pawty with ALL of your friends not just one pawticular "friend"...and seriously, what is with that tongue all over his face - I am pawsitive that Lacie did NOT teach you that trick!...honestly...wait until your father finds out...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barking the vote.

I was so very excited when I woke up this morning - election day was finally here!!  I had donned my favorite Stephen Colbert t-shirt in anticipation of this potentially historic day. 

I have spent months and months trying to sniff out the right pawson for the job
Finally I was ready to go to the polling station to cast my vote...of course Riley had to "poo-poo" all of my fun by trying to come along. 
I tried to explain that Canada is ANOTHER country and that he was simply not allowed to vote. Well he pointed out his disgust by doing a "number two" right at the polling station.
Of course, then mom had to spoil my fun by telling me that dogs are not even allowed to vote! 

Hmph! I guess my vote will have to wait until next time.

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