Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Woofing through the Boston Marathon

Hello doggie bloggie friends!  Okay, I am sorry but today's post is not really 100% dog related but I just have to say that I am so SU-PAW proud of my mom & dad for running in the 114th Boston Marathon last Monday!

Here is a picture of mom

She is proudly sporting her Canadian maple leaf & her nickname "Stinky" below it so that people would cheer for her.  Sadly, she missed seeing Norwood's mom in Wellesley but she certainly felt their sup-pawt. And, trust me, she really needed it.

Speaking of sup-pawt...look at this super duper pawsome sign made by Agatha & Archie!  Mom was so very happy to see this sign - it really made her day. Thank you!!

Unfortunately dad did not see the pawsome sign in pawson (likely because he blew by at warp speed) but he knew that the DWB pups were cheering/howling/woofing!

Below is a picture of mom with A&A's PL:

Here is a picture of mom actually drinking a shot of BEER!! What was she thinking?!! Now if it was a pupperoni stick I could see stopping for that...but a BEER? Really?

While mom did not have a particularly good race she had an amazing Boston marathon experience thanks to her family & many friends that were there to support her.

Below is mom & friends from her work:

Below is mom & her friend Josh:

Thank you all and a special thank you to Elizabeth for chauffering mom's Canadian relatives.

The Finish:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pawsitive vibes for Jackson.

Sending pawsitive vibes to Jackson on this peaceful sunday.

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