Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eric where are yoooouuuuu?! part 2.

My apologies for being so delayed but mom was busy with passing out beer to runners at the Boston Marathon yesterday and I think the alcohol fumes went to her head. Back to my story...

After enjoying a most deeeee-licious pupcake (tee hee) I started again on my search for Eric (also a most dee-licious pupcake!).  I decided to ask these folks for information as I know that Eric lives very close to a very famous palace.

They told me that they have seen a most handsome square dog on their grounds but that he was not there at that time.  I decided it was time to use my super sniffer to track down my pupcake - after all I am a beagle!  

My sniffer led me to some beautiful daffy-dills:

Then across to a big park where I caught the Square dog scent by some deer poop.

My sweetie must have roached here!  I was so hot on his tail...I mean trail that I could even envision him roaching...
Again, hot on the trail, I sniffed and I sniffed until....what did I see off in the distance?  Could it be?!
Yes! Yes! It was my special pupcake!  I sprinted as fast as my legs could take me!!

When I finally saw him I planted a big fat...oh wait! I don't kiss and tell!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Eric! Eric! Where are yoooooooooou?

After getting bumped off a "certain" flight by a certain U.S. President and wife, who shall remain *ahm* nameless, I finally got a lift to London via the most prestigious airline - Air Ruby.  Using my super sniffer to track down my sweetie I went first to Portobello (mushroom?) Road as I recall he was there recently.

I took some time to smell the beautiful spring flowers...
Asked this fella if he had seen my hunny bunny - he replied that he had seen some hunny bunnies at a nearby bakery and that I should check there.

Yes, indeed they had some sweet bunnies - but THIS is what they were.
Of course I had to stop and sample a few as it was important to maintain my energy level.  I sniffed and I wandered until I found this sign:

There was no way my hunny bunny, Mr. Eric Square would be any where near here (he is not a fan of a certain breed).

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