Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Presents Day!

I know that the USA celebrated Presidents' Day on Monday - but I got to celebrate "Presents Day" on Sunday.  That's right Sunday was my barkday and my square valentine Eric did not forget to spoil me!

The postman brought all kinds of goodies!

Here I am surrounded by my loot:

I could not wait to open up my packages but I needed help:

It is always polite to open the card first (that is what my mom said) - look at the card!!! It was paw made just for MOI!!!
I think Riley was jealous that I got a special red rose from Eric Square - when you press it it says "I love you" - oh Eric! I love you too!

In paw-paration for perhaps a date(?), Eric sent me this BEAUTIFUL coat and a matching purse. I feel like a cute little ladybug in my coat.  I also got this super duper "food game" - MY Eric knows that the way to a Chihueagle's heart is through her stomach!
I had to demonstrate my food game skills and my jacket outside so that Riley wouldn't try and get in on the action.

Here's a closer look:

Thank you so much for all of my wonderful gifts - I am one happy and stylin' chihueagle!

An exhausting end to a most wonderful PRESENTS day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

An ode to my Valentine 2010

An ode to my Valen-square:

Roses are red,
Without you I am blue.

Here's a snog & a squillion kisses,
Because I am sweet on you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pawsitive Thoughts for my furr-iend.

Hello friends.
Today I am sending special pawsitive thoughts out to our friend Mini the beagle. She is one of my mom's patients and our special friend.  Last week she had to go to the emergency hospital because she had a blood problem.  Well the good news is that she is home!

What makes Miss Mini so special? Well besides being a beautiful girl she also lives in a house with a JRT just like I do! Her JRT sister is Maggie:
The picture above is of Maggie and my (sigh) brother playing in the park a couple of years ago.
On Sunday we took a car ride to go and visit her in the hospital.

Unfortunately we didn't get to go in and see her - I think mom wanted her all to herself!

Maybe if I offered her one of my canine cannoli it would help her get better?

I thought I better try one just in case....

Besides - she can have Riley's cannoli.

Anyway, please send some pawsitive thoughts to our friend for a speedy recovery; she is very special to us and we want her in good health!  We love you Mini!

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