Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hostess with the most-ess!

Last night mom & dad2b, Riley and myself went to visit our friends Todd and Stacey (aka Izzy). Izzy is a loyal reader of my blog so it was such a thrill to have my picture taken with her.  

Here I am checking out her garden
The plan for the evening was to discuss wedding details over margaritas and ROCK-a-mole.  You  see Todd, Izzy's husband, will be the officiant of mom & dad2b's ceremony (in MA you can have a friend preside over the wedding ceremony as long as they have applied and been accepted for a one day "officiant license").

Here's Todd bringing out the margaritas - made in their special Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville machine...I think dad2b & Riley were planning a sneak attack behind Todd...
Here's a close up of the magnifico margaritas! it really wise to discuss wedding ceremony details over Margaritas??  Should be a VERY interesting ceremony...stay tuned for those details in a few weeks!  Well, in exactly 20 days and counting...

Riley showing dad2b some love...and stinky breath!  By the way, dad2b's t-shirt says "You had me at woof"...that was a special gift from me to him. you remember that I mentioned ROCK-A-MOLE!!!....

Now you would think that having the company of Todd and Izzy, AND the Margaritas AND the guacamole AND yummy tacos would be enough...but no! There was more - in fact in my humble opinion the BEST part...besides seeing Izzy of course...anyway in preparation for our visit Izzy visited Clover's blog and made....FROSTY PAWS!!!!!! Yes, you read correctly she made me FROSTY PAWS!!!!

Here's a picture of Izzy plating the puzzle piece shaped paws

A closer look
Me enjoying Izzy's special creation
Riley licking up the last bits of his treat
THANK YOU Izzy & Todd we had a terrier-ific time!!

...and a special thank you to ARE the HOSTESS with the MOSTESS!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Who is this picture (above) of??  Well none other than the famous Lenny of the Summer Pawlimpics and our good friends Agatha & Archie!  Where were we? We were at this very special place:
Well actually the picture as you can see got cut off.  It should have read "Agatha's Arboretum" but mom had her hands full with us!

This was also the very first time that we got to meet Archie (we met up with Agatha at her Junior Earthdog trial in May - Archie had to rest his back).  I believe this is Archie making introductions with me although it could be Agatha - I can't tell because I don't have eyes on my beee-hind!!
After the brief introduction the TEN of us set out on our walk, or shall I say tour of the Arb. This is Agatha showing us just ONE of her many favorite rat holes!
Here's Archie whispering something in Lenny's you think he's trying to bribe the Pawlimpic judging with promises of stuffies and cookies and sweet potato treats?  Nahhh.
...nope! Nothing to see here!...
While off on our PRIVATE tour of the Arb this fella decided to crash our Terrier/Chihueagle party...the nerve!
Here's Lenny...did I mention ahm! Mr. CEO of the Pawlimpic games that you are looking oh-so-handsome today?  
Archie decided to show us his favorite roaching spot with a little demo - I hope he doesn't get another hotspot because I think all of the nursies are away tending to other patients!
Lenny decided to join in...supervised by Agatha to make sure that he was being safe
Yeah Lenny!  You go boy!
This is me getting some lovin' from A&A's PL1
This is me and Archie checking out a tree that smelled like skunk...
We sent Agatha INSIDE to check out the case there was, you know, a REAL skunk!!  PL2 was a little nervous about the potential for a skunking and smartly persuaded Agatha that there were more interesting smells elsewhere that she needed to investigate.
A picture of A & A and Lenny with their respective PLs
After a great walk through the Arb it was time to say goodbye.  But wait!  What!? A&A brought goodies for everyone!  Here's Lenny doing an impression of a biped for a treat (Agatha interrupting this blog...umm PL1 I cannot see!  Why are you covering my eyes!!)
Here's Lenny showing his appreciation for the fantabulous stuffie that A&A kindly gave him

A&A certainly did not forget us either - they got us some pawsome parmesan dog biscuits...ummm...that we...ummm don't have a picture of because we have eaten about half of them already!  But thank you for thinking of us!!  Oh and we also got a pawsome Forever Foxed card with the treats! Thank you!

Thanks for visiting us Lenny!

One great group of terriers!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Does this count for water sports Lenny?

The other day while visiting the seals (remember the one's that were forced to work on Sunday??)...anyway, the other day after visiting the seals we happened across this group of dolphins.  Riley and I decided that we would swim with the dolphins - after all we have heard that swimming with the dolphins is pretty much a once in a lifetime chance!  One was very nice and let us hop on his back for a swim!

Do you think this counts as the aquatic event in the Pawlimpic games?! tee hee!
I will be sure to ask him when we see him TODAY with Agatha & Archie at the Arboreteum!! Yes, you read correctly we are meeting LENNY and AGATHA and ARCHIE today!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the mood for gelato

After reading about the heat wave that Faya was suffering through and reading about my friend Asta sharing her mommi's Nocciola gelato; I felt that it was time for Riley and I to get some refreshing gelato.  After all, it was a cloudy day and it looked like the skies were about to open up in a downpour - the perfect time for ice cream or gelato!  Come on mom!  Hurry up before it rains - you know I HATE to get my fur wet!

As we live in the Italian section of our city gelato is not too far away.  Here we are patiently waiting for our gelato.
I asked mom for "Nocciola" flavor like Asta had but they didn't have it.  Mom ended up getting me "hazelnut" because she thinks it is the same.  Oh, I just looked it up, Nocciola is the same as hazelnut, score! Here's a picture of Vinnie and our gelato.
Mom ended up getting "Straticella" or something like that.  It looked scrumptious but I wasn't allowed to try because it has dark chocolate in it - personally I think that mom was being a piggy about it!!

As it was starting to rain, mom decided to take our gelato back to our house and serve it up there.  What!??  I have to WAIT!!
(mom here)ummm...remember how you hate to get your fur wet, Toffee??  Oh, yes.

It was worth the wait
Here's Riley eating his portion.  He ate his so fast that he ate TWO portions in the time that it took me to eat my single portion!  Who is the pig now??
Ooops!  I got a little on my ear!
Even Kiwi the cat wanted in on the action...nope, sorry Kiwi no gelato for you!
(kiwi here) Huh!? Now who is the piggy!
Addendum:  I just read on Clover's blog about how she made Frosty paws!!!  Maybe I can get mom to make some for me!...and *sigh* brother Riley...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scared-y Cat.

Today we took Greta (our 1998 Jetta) to see the doctor for an oil change.  Before I go on with this "tail" I will mention that mom drives out of her way to go to this hole in the wall garage in a very sketchy city about 40 minutes away because they only service VWs and they are very trustworthy.  

On our way to the "Car doctor," mom noticed a little black and white kitten huddled on the sidewalk of a bridge.  As this was a very busy street we could not pull over right away.  We pulled over and parked as soon as we could.  Mom took an empty box out from Greta's trunk and went back to the bridge where we spotted the kitten.  She called her friend who works for the Animal Rescue League for some advice as she was very scared that the kitten would run into the road when she approached it.   She decided it would be safer to try and view the kitten from the opposite side of the road.  Mom was so happy when she did not see the kitten huddled on the sidewalk (nor did she see it on the road)...her happiness was premature because there, just 10 feet in front of her was the kitten! Not on the sidewalk now but ON TOP of the ledge of the bridge!!

This is a picture of the ledge that the kitten was on (although in this picture the water of the river was at a record breaking high from flooding in 2006)
Now mom was even more terrified of the little kitten slipping and falling into the water...because this next picture is what the kitten would have landed in!


Thank goodness through the help of my mom's friend at the Animal Rescue League they were able to get a hold of the local animal control officer and thankfully he arrived in time to scoop the kitty up and take it to the Humane society for much needed treatment and TLC!

Hopefully the little kitty will grow up and be a nice big kitty like this one
                               photo from:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Off with their heads!!

Remember in the springtime when we reported on our tulips?? Well the garden people came a few weeks back and dug them up.  At first I was saddened, however my tears dried when I saw these bootiful impatiens that were planted!

Once again Riley is doing his best to make sure the neighborhood plants are being watered - what a citizen he is!

When on my walk the other day we met up with these lovely lady gardeners
...or "lovely" was what I initially thought until I saw what they were DOING to these poor innocent roses!!  They were chopping off their heads!!  
Look at the remains of their work!  How can these ladies smile when doing such awful deeds! 
So very sad. Sigh.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Today's special - seal stew?

Today, Sunday, Riley and I took mom and dad2b for a walk.  We decided to walk by the New England aquarium as it is in a different direction than our usual walk.  When we arrived lo and behold! what did we see!?  Seals!!  We saw seals out on Sunday?  Is this allowed?  I mean, don't the seals at least get a day of rest? Seriously!
Above is a picture of Riley checking out one of the seals - I think that the seal is "snubbing" my brother!

How about this next picture with the seal trying to sneak up on me!
I think this guy is just a poser!
Maybe the seals were FORCED to work on Sunday out of fear! Because you know what is right across the street from this sign?
The famous Legal Sea Foods!  Yes, you read correctly there is a SEAFOOD restaurant right across the street from the AQUARIUM!!  Is this irony or just plain cruel?  

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