Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lucky 17.

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The Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship! The Boston Celtics won!  I can't believe it.  I am so happy; partly for the Celtics and partly because now I can return to normal sleep habits and go to bed at a decent hour!

After the game was over mom and dad took Riley and I out for our last walk of the evening. Since we live VERY close to the arena where the game was played we ran into A LOT of happy people.

We first ran into this crowd by the Red Auerbach memorial statue in Faneuil Hall

Then we met up with some nice people eating grilled sausage from a nearby vendor.
We were even offered a bit of their sausage - I wanted a little more than just a bite but mom said that was rude of me.

Lots of drunk people wanted to hug me...umm...ack!...I am having (gulp) some (gulp) trouble breathing...can you lighten your grip a little? Gasp!

Since it was getting late (and the crowds were getting dangerously out of control) we went home
Time for all kitties and doggies and humans to go to bed
Notice that I am still guarding my Sniffany's box
Oh but wait! I can't sleep because the horns are honking! and honking! So I will leave you with this YouTube video of "Gino" the American Bandstand phenom and his booty shakin' video that is a new tradition in that it is played when the Celtics win

Addendum:  On a sad note...our friends Pacco and Groovy just lost their beloved friend Bank; a 3 year old Golden Retriever.  Pacco has written a beautiful poem and Groovy has posted a terrierific tribute to their friend. Please visit them. woof. sniff.


Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations to the Celtics! We're so happy for you that they won!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Eric said...

Hey glad your team won Toffee! A girl needs her beauty sleep (not that your not very bootiful..)but hope you got a little lie in today and breakfast in bed?

Wags, Eric x x x x x

Agatha and Archie said...

OK we will try again as blogger ate our post! YIPPEE!!!!!! YAY!!! We are very excited!!! You look like you are being choked by that guy and you are being very polite!!! We are going to go to bed at 3pm today we are sooooo tired!!! Love A+A

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

U must b d coolest looking 'eagle around town!

Luv d way Celtics played this season n wished v cld join u in d celebrations.

Fenway said...

That's pawsome you got to party hard with the Celtics fans.

By the way, we LOVE Gino, but Mr. Alpha declared he will not wear that t-shirt!

Deetz said...

Mum is trying real hard right now to catch up on reading blogs...wanted to let you know we stopped by

Asta said...

I'm so happy youw Celticses won!!! Congwatulations!!!!
That guy looked like he wanted to hug you to deaf, heheh glad you got away!!!
I wead about Pacco's fwiend Bank..he looked like a sweet clevew, accomplished doggie..I hope he's doing agility iin heaven now and getting lots of tweats..get some west fwom youw excitement
smoochie kisses

Lorenza said...

Congratulations to the Celtics!
sure you had a nice walkie looking at the wild fans!
I read Pacco's post about Bank. I loved her tribute to him.
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

You all look absolutely happy!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh you sure are popular in the crowd Toffee. That's a cute photo of your cat sleepy. Good to see that you are still guarding your snifferny box

~ Girl girl

Kess And Her Mama said...

We're glad Celtics won too! Don't like the Lakers (any Lakers fan here???)

Please sign my guest book. Woof.