Monday, December 31, 2007

Hap-pee New Year.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and treat filled 2008.
nuff said. woof.

Hap-pee New Year's Eve.

Loyal readers I sincerely apologize for not posting a blog yesterday but I did not have sufficient internet access at "camp" after a Great Dane decided to "mark" his territory all over the computer here. But, loyal readers, I am here for you now. To the left is a photo of "Bagel" (mmm...bagels). Bagel was mom's first "very own" dog. Mom adopted her at a humane society in Canada in the winter of 2000. Here she is shown partying it up on New Year's eve 2004 in Illinois at her friend J's house. I believe that was Bagel's last New Year's as she had heart disease and had to go to doggy heaven the following October. Bagel was a beagle who also loved treats, cuddling, food, sniffing good stuff on the ground and rolling in rabbit poop. By the way, I recall that Riley and I were left back in Michigan that New Years to celebrate with the Parsons*. Left behind, AGAIN. Notice a trend here? Mom says it is because J's kitties "Armani" and "Versace" would not appreciate a Jack Russell harassing them; yeah, right. I hope that hamburger is nice and juicy....with EXTRA tater bites on the side.

(* depicts a name that has been changed)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Will blog for food.

Faithful reader "Izzy" pointed out that maybe my parents being at the "gallows" is really not such a good thing for them (see comment section in previous blog entry). This in turn means that it may not be a good thing for ME; and it is all about me, of course. Anyway, I may need to find another way of keeping myself in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. With that Pats vs. Giants game on tonight I thought perhaps I could wager on the game. In seek of guidance I turned to "The Sports Guy" who writes on and instead read an incredibly amusing entry by the "Sports Gal" (the beloved wife of "guy"). She informed and entertained me with her picks of the week. In addition she edumacated me on the "science" of picking a winner. For a good laugh read the article here.

nb. "public" I think you'd especially enjoy!

p.s. also a warm "woof" and lick out to Velvis

Friday, December 28, 2007

Oops! I peed on your bed!

So my *sigh* brother today finally convinced me that we are here at doggy day camp for a little while. I should have know it when mom and dad 2b did not show up on Monday night to pick us up. I should have known when dad 2b promised me a hamburger - it was all too good to be true. Riley, my brother, told me that he found a pamphlet for a resort
in the U.S. Virgin Islands called Gallows Point. He also found a plane ticket while rooting for some underwear to chew on. The ticket was dated December 25th going to St. John via San Juan. So while Riley and I are here stuck in the cold weather in a cage, mom and dad 2b are likely sipping fancy fruity drinks - you know the kind they serve with a fancy paper umbrella - anyway they are likely sipping on fruity drinks, basking in the sun and up to gosh knows what other shenanigans! I cannot explain in words how angry this makes me but I assure you my loyal readers, that I will certainly let them have a piece of my mind - or the contents of my bladder - when they get home!!! Besides, I can just blame any "accidents" on the cat - like the one pictured above (Kiwi is a 6 year old domestic white haired kitty that also lives with us).

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bone to pick.

I am warning you that I have a bone to pick; actually, two bones to pick. Frankly, I am a little, okay a lot upset. Firstly, I begged and begged and begged my mom to buy me a "Michael Vick Chew toy" (somewhat like the one depicted above being gnawed at by a pitbull and righteously so). Anyway, mom diligently went on to not just any website but the OFFICIAL website and purchased me my chew toy...and, here it is at least 3 -4 months later and I still have not received my toy!!

My second bone to pick is with my parents. On Monday they took me (and *sigh* my brother)to "day camp" to play with other dogs - to "socialize" Riley - they said. I was promised that they would pick me up at the end of the day. In fact my dad 2b PROMISED that I would get a hamburger at the end of it. Well here it is 3 days later and still no one has come to pick us up. Some of the other dogs here have been telling me that I was tricked and that Riley and I are actually at a dog boarding kennel - but I know they would not do that to me. I hope they are not lost in the ether with the Michael Vick chew toy...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby face buckeye.

(this image was posted by "bartender magic" on
As I noted above, this picture is not exactly a picture of me as a pup but I'd like to think that I looked much like this pup (if not a bit cuter - but I may be biased, just saying). This is a picture of a chihueagle whose elicit genetic/parental history I do not know of but this blog is rated "G" so I will not make any assumptions.

Anyway, enough about that "other" puppy. I thought I'd share a little history of myself today. I am actually from THE Ohio State - yup I'm a Buckeye - and yup you must put the "THE" in when you say Ohio State. I was found on the side of the road one cold December evening in 2002 after being hit my a car. I don't remember what got me to that point but I am pretty sure that it had something to do with my nose taking me on an adventure chasing down a rabbit or a tasty cheeseburger. My original name was "Claire" because I was found on Claire Road. THE Ohio State veterinary school was kind enough to do surgery on me paid for out of their Good Samaritan fund because I had fractured my fibula, my tibia and had several pelvic fractures. Believe it or not I have metal pins in my right leg. Well it was during my hospital stay that my luck changed as I was lucky enough to meet mom who adopted me (and *sigh* my brother Riley on the SAME day). She had just lost a dog that got killed by a car. Anyway, since that fateful meeting I have been more adored than I could have ever imagine. woof. I could still really use that aforementioned cheeseburger, however.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday cheer!

An addendum to my earlier Christmas message. Earlier this month my mom was in Florida. While down there she took these rather curious photos of mailboxes. Above is a "seahorse mailbox that the owner decorated with a rather stylish hat.

To the right is another picture of a rather festive Manatee with baby
in tow...ummm...I think that is a baby....or let's just say I HOPE it is the baby. On that note, may this day bring you all comfort and joy.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho. Ho. Ho.

It is nearly an hour away from Christmas day. A big "woof" out to all of my readers - well to my three dedicated readers (not including my parents). I hope that Santa was good to you this year. As you stare in to my "red eyes" think about how lucky we are that we have kibble on our table, doggie treats readily available, someone to pick up poo (okay maybe that applies only to me) and most importantly someone to snuggle with. Peace out.

Hey mom! I like brunch too!

Yesterday mom and dad-2b had brunch with their friends Gator and Jen (shown above). They went to the "Living Room" a really cool restaurant/bar that serves a yummy brunch - so I am told. Again, I was left behind much to my dismay. The living room sounds like my kind of place cause they have a whole room filled with comfy couches/chairs, they serve food AND they serve beverages like this Bloody Mary that Gator ordered:

(psst! I think the olives have eyes!!)

The Chihueagle's new clothes.

As the astute reader that I know you are - you may have noticed that my blog page has changed backgrounds. I have no one but my dad-2b to thank for this. While mom was busy making dinner last night dad-2b was busy creating my new blog "clothes." I liked the polka dot look of the previous page, however, this was the very same background that mom's friend "L" (and bride 2b!) uses for her blog and it was becoming very difficult for dad 2b to figure out whose blog page he was reading. Personally, I find it hard to believe that he could mistake a page with fun filled wedding details with a page that has the cuteness of a chihueagle on it...I think that he just wanted to do something nice for me. Whatever the reason, thank you! Woof.

To the right is a picture of mom in my new hat
and her new ring.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ring in the holidays!

It's here! It's here! After waiting with bated breath Mom's engagement ring is finally finished! She and dad-2b went to the jeweler yesterday to pick it up. They had a local jeweler create both the wedding band and engagement ring. As mom is a veterinarian - this is the perfect setting; plus I don't have to worry about getting my eye poked when I am getting cuddled!

Don't we look beautiful together!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Helping the environment one poop at a time.

While in the U.K. mom and dad 2b went to a science museum and came across this exhibit. It was an exhibit on "Energy in the future" or something like that. Anyway, in the exhibit it mentioned that in the future we will be able to harvest energy from our own feces! So instead of taking a lunchbox to school/work one would take a "lunch/poo box" like the one pictured above. It really brings new meaning to "packing" a lunch! I already have reaped the benefits of feces as I rather enjoy dining out from the kitty litter box whenever I can. The exhibit also mentioned that one could "gift" feces to friends and family. I know that my brother and I produce a fair amount of poop - I bet we could produce some fabulous wedding gifts for mom and dad 2b AND their wedding guests!! It is seriously the gift that keeps on giving.

Above: A gift of poo. Just for you.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Say it ain't snow!

In 30minutes it will be the day before the first day of winter - I always thought it was always December 21st every year but apparently that is not the case. Just in case you were wondering, however, the first day of winter 2008 will be December 21st. Anyway, the point is that winter has not even begun and we have had snow for at least a week! See a picture of me on this heap of snow that has engulfed this poor car like a giant amoeba. This picture was taken earlier this week and the car has neither moved nor been eaten by the amoeba. Below you can see another picture that my mom made us shiver in place to take the other day.

Cuffy almost rhymes with Toffee. Dinomite.

Today I am sending a "woof" out (shout out in human terms) to my friend Cuffy. Cuffy is also a hash house harrier like mom & dad-2b. His full name is "Cuffed & Stuffed in the Buff" - I don't really know how he got this naming but I figure it is not a story for a young puppy dog's ears; don't ask don't tell. Sadly, Cuffy is moving out to CA to seek greener, non snow covered pastures *sniff, sniff*. He is shown above as Cuffy Claus with his fabulous girlfriend Jenn (dressed up for the hash house harrier "white trash" themed holiday party). You can read about their trip out west and his move here. Cuffy is an awesome human - or so he tells me as he tempts me with dog biscuits - I will miss him. woof.

To the left is a picture of Cuffy & friends. Left to right: Gator, Sarah, Shorn, mom, Cuffy, & dad 2 be.
On the right is a picture of mom and Cuffy. woof.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eat Cake. Part II

So here is another idea for a wedding cake topper that I saw. I am not sure that having the bride and groom facing opposite directions is really the right way to start off a marriage but what do I know, I'm just a Chihueagle. This couple at least has some taste as they have included their canine friends on their cake - even though they are husky dogs.

While looking and drooling over wedding cake pictures I came across this picture which gave me an idea...

I can have my cake & eat it too

So last weekend my food providers went cake tasting for their wedding cake. Even though I was excluded from the tasting - apparently only 2 got to attend the tasting - I am very excited about the prospect of cake! Mom was kind enough to take a picture of their sampling (to the left) - I would have chosen them all.

I am not sure about how it will be decorated but I hope it does not include a wedding topper like the one of "Bride of Chuckie" shown below:

Maybe the cake will have a canine theme.If it does I hope it looks similar to this birthday cake shown: can only dream...

Home alone.

Yesterday I was left home...alone. Okay, so not exactly alone because my bro *sigh* Riley was there too. I don't understand why Mom didn't take me to lunch with her at the Cheesecake Factory. I like cheese, and I like cake, I even like cheesecake! She left me to go and have lunch with her friends Sue & Zach (shown left), and Laura & Morgan (shown right). Mom says that the restaurant will not allow dogs so that is why I cannot go. I don't recall seeing anything about whether or not Chihueagles were allowed, however. I think that she just wanted the cheesecake all to herself.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

But why the red dress??

As most of you know, I am about to become part of an "official" family. My mom and soon-to-be dad are getting married this coming July! I am quite honored to be in the wedding party (more on that later). Besides spending time adoring me and *sigh* my brother, they also like to run - almost as much as I like to sleep! They are so-called "members" of the Hash House Harriers whose club slogan is "the drinking group with a running problem"...if I were to have such a club it would be more like the "sleeping/snoring group with an eating problem"...not that I consider ANYTHING about eating a problem...Anyway, here is a picture of my mom and dad running. And again, why the red dress? I hope my dad has the common sense to at least shave and show a little less leg on his wedding day.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's a Boy!

Congratulations to the "B" family of Toronto, Canada on the newest addition to their family! I have no doubt that he will have a happy, loving home with lots of treats!

Oh Brother!

A concerned party who knows me commented via email that I did not mention my beloved brother Riley in my initial blog. Yes, all is well with him and no I do not think that I need to seek professional help because I "ignored" him in my first post. You see, Riley my Jack Russell "terrible" brother usually gets/insists on ALL of the attention ALL of the time. Riley, my brother, is an 8 year old JRT who likes to create havoc, steal attention and bite my ears when he's frustrated. Here is his holiday picture in one of his quieter moments. Oh, and by the way, he is Canadian - like my mom - but I don't hold that against them.

Virgin No more

Hello reader(s). Toffee here. In case you have not read the title of this blog I am, admittedly, an adored Chihueagle. You may wonder what a "chihueagle" is. Well, I will enlighten you - a chihueagle is a dog that is a unique mix of a beagle and a chihuahua - do you feel enlightened now? As you can see from my picture I look mostly like a beagle. I also act mostly like a beagle as I love, love, LOVE food, and sniffing things, and sleeping - did I mention I love food? So there you have it - I have written my first blog - I am a virgin no more.
(this picture was taken of me while on vacation in Maine last August)

Please sign my guest book. Woof.