Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Main event.

Most of you don't know this but early Saturday morning there was a HUGE water main break in my home city.  Unfortunately there was also a leak in a gas line near to the break thus creating HAVOC for many businesses and homes.  To check out the video news report of the incident click here.

Here is a web photo of the initial break:
(photo from web site)

The water main break instigated a large clean up and repair...OH MY DOG! OH MY DOG! We interrupt the current blog post for the following announcement: while helping me type my blog a DEER TICK just crawled out of my mom's sleeve!  We live in the CITY we are not supposed to have deer ticks!!

Ok, I'm back albeit slightly disturbed.  Anyway, in order to repair the water main/gas leak damage crews have been working around the clock.  Since gas supply had to be shut off many businesses and consumers that utilize gas (for hot water etc.) have been S.O.L.  How has this affected me? Well our favorite Pan-Asian take out place has been basically shut down for four whole days - they have lost a lot of business.  I feel badly for them...and my tummy.

Below is a picture of one of the numerous big holes they've dug in the ground near my home.  If you ask me they should have asked Riley to help out - being a Terrier alone makes him qualified for digging holes!

addendum: my mom checked us all and we appear to be tick bite free...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to work we go!

My *sigh* brother Riley and I are very, very lucky because we get to go with mom to work every day!  Well, truth be told, I think the real reason that we go to work with mom is because one of us has been known to pee on the couch (or the bed) if left to my...I mean "our" own devices...but I digress.  The other day we hung out in the car as weather was rainy and cool; plus it is much more comfy in the car.  Above is a picture of me hard at work.

Here is a picture of Riley - he's on the lookout - notice our comfy bed in the back seat?

Below is a picture of Tyco the Dalmation - he also comes to work with his mom.

Monday, April 28, 2008

But we can dog paddle!

Dad 2b went whitewater kayaking this past weekend and left me at home!  Hmph.  Riley and I tried to help him pack up (see above) and tried to convince him that we would be good little helpers on his trip to Vermont.  Dad 2b said that we could not go because we do not have life preservers; plus, we were needed at home to keep my mom company. Hmph!

This is me helping my dad 2b drive:

And this is Riley using his nose to navigate...who needs a GPS unit when you have a Jack Russell and a Chihueagle??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sca-rrrry eye photos.

My friend Deetz is having a "Scary Eye" photo contest.  I had a difficult time choosing cause apparently there are a lot of scary eyes in my digital photos!  Anyway, I thought I would start with the "triple threat" photo above of my dad 2b, myself and my *sigh* brother Riley.  If you look closely you can see that even my dad 2b has his scary eyes on! Despite the scary eyes my mom says that we all look cute.  I think that she may be biased.

This next photo below is a solo effort.  My mom tells me that my eyes are especially scary when the flash goes off because I lack a "tapetum" at the back of my eye.  On the other hand my *sigh* brother DOES have a tapetum (like many dogs) which is why his eyes are green when the flash goes off and not red like mine.  Apparently this helps him see better in the dark; that's okay, I usually just follow my nose anyway.

...I just wanted to add in this last picture as a joke...tee hee...this is a picture of my friends Fingerpie and Fingerspy on their trip (with my parents) to Italy in the Fall of 2006.  They aren't very scary at all.

Friday, April 25, 2008

April flowers bring May....??

Look at my pretty flowers!!  These are the flowers that dad 2b bought.  He says that he bought them for my mom in celebration of the anniversary of their first date but I know that the REAL reason that he bought them is as an apology to ME for not allowing me to get the ROUS!! (see yesterday's post)

Also, look at my tulips - they have finally arrived!

That's right Riley, you keep watering those babies....

Thursday, April 24, 2008


                                            picture: from Vizzini's Princess Bride page

Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh!  Last night on our walk home from the parking lot I saw one, I swear that I saw one!  It scurried across the street and into a gutter or was...a ROUS - a rodent of unusual size.  I pulled and I pulled and I pulled but my dad 2b was able to counter my strength despite my desire to get that rodent!  So I tell you, faithful residents of my metropolis, if this city is overtaken by the ROUS you have my dad 2b to blame for preventing me from protecting YOU dear citizens!  Hmph. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A matter of perspective.

Apparently I have been a bad girl over the last 24 hours.  Yesterday, my *sigh* brother and I took a trip to the Pet Cabaret to buy some food (for us).  While at the checkout my mom got into a conversation with one of the proprieters, Lisa, about her beloved dog Mary (the store's guard poodle).  Well while my mom was talking and talking and talking I thought that I would help myself to a treat.  After all if I had to listen to such banter I felt that I deserved some sustenance - so I chewed the cellophane wrap off of a nearby package of Kangaroo tail chews. Honestly, I tried to explain that I was starting to feel faint. I really NEEDED that treat. I think that my mom is the bad one in this scenario for denying me during my hypoglycemic crisis!

Then, this morning on our morning walk instead of stopping to check on the tulips like my *sigh* brother Riley (see below) I found something wonderful to roll in!  I rolled and rolled and rolled (see picture at top of blog).  I don't see what the problem is...I was just trying to make myself smell as pretty as I look.  Honestly, being bad is a matter of perspective.  If you ask me I think that it is my MOM that is bad for denying me my sweet pleasure!

Yay! The tulips are just about to say hello to the world!  
(yes that is my tail to the right of the picture.  Don't tell mom but I was off to find something else to roll in)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!!

HAPPY EARTH DAY TO YOU, happy earth day to you.  Happy Earth day dear readers, happy earth day to yooooouuuuuu-ooooh! (insert beagle like howl here).

In honor of earth day I thought I would post a recent picture of the tulips in my park - they are just about to bloom!  They are a little farther along than this picture depicts because this picture was taken two days ago.  

Not much happening in my life since my busy marathon, Women's olympic trials weekend.  Yesterday my mom abandoned us to watch the Boston Marathon from mile 20'ish of Heartbreak hill.  My mom's "running group" hands out small cups of beer to "help" the runners over Heartbreak hill.  She said it was an incredible event on a spectacular sunny day....although personally I think it would have been an even better day if I was with her...she said that my *sigh* brother Riley and I are too mischievous to manage on her own AND cheer the runners on.  Sigh.

A woof out to the Boston Bruins who were, sadly, defeated by the Montreal Canadiens last night.  The Bruins will be heading to the golf course while the Habs will be advancing towards the Stanley Cup or shall I say La Coupe Stanley.

Here is a pic of Riley as he is checking out a good spot on the tulips to "fertilize."

Monday, April 21, 2008

You go girls!

Above is a picture of me (on left), my *sigh* brother Riley, and my dad 2b on our way to watch the U.S.A. Women's Olympic marathon trials (oh so) early yesterday morning.  It was a beautiful day in our home city so we were pleased to get off the couch and get outside.

On our walk there we ran into this verrry scary lizard like not fret...I barked at it and it retreated:

Here is a picture of us watching the trials...don't tell mom but we had just finished rolling in some dead thing in the leaves prior to this photo!

We met some new friends too!

This is the favorite, Deena Kastor, who will represent the USA in Beijing this year.  By the way she has a chocolate labrador who trains with her in Mammoth, California:

After the trials the three of us helped support mom during her 20 mile run.  She ran along the Boston Marathon course - I think she just wanted to make sure that it was okay for the 25 000 runners that will be running on the course today.

After a long and exciting day my *sigh* brother Riley and I came home and zzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dances with Border Collies?

My mom received this YouTube link from her good friend L. It is pretty impressive. Yeah, sure I could be motivated off the couch to perform a trick or two but there aren't enough treats in the world to motivate me to do an entire routine. My dad2b had a Border Collie - she'd probably do it for a single cookie.

I will not eat sweet potato (& ham), I will not eat them Toffee I am.

After reading a blog post on Agatha & Archie's site about how much they loved "Sweet Potato Dog Chewz" my mom decided to buy some of these healthy treats for my *sigh* brother Riley and I to try.  So yesterday on our way to work she took us to the Pet Cabaret for a surprise shopping trip!  Well really it was a mini shopping trip because she only picked up a couple of things even though I was tugging at the leash trying (in vain) to show her all of the wonderful things that she should buy me!  Hmph.  Anyway, mom was sure that the chewz would be a hit with us since Agatha & Archie love them so wasn't the case.  Honestly when she put those crinkly things in front of me I thought "Are YOU kidding me? How about a nice juicy T-bone? or Beggin Strip? or even kibble? You don't expect me to eat that orange thing do you? Seriously."  My brother and I refused to eat them.  My mom tried a few hours later to entice us to eat them again.  We would not eat them.  Then in the car on the way home my mom said that since we don't like them that she would find a way to give them to Agatha & Archie.  Well!  As much as I love Agatha & Archie's blog I just could not, would not, allow my mom to give away my treats!  So I picked up that Sweet Potato fry...and I dropped it.  Then I picked it up again - and I chewed it.  And chewed it.  And you know what!  I REALLY liked it!  After my brother saw me eating mine he ate his!  We begged for more!  All in all we 3 sweet potato fries each - we would have eaten the whole bag if mom let us!  That being said - I still do not like green eggs & ham, I do not like them Toffee I am.

Here is a picture of me eating a Sweet Potato fry this morning:

Keeping an eye on the cat (to my right) who is eying my treat:

My brother already finished his and was camera shy:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cuteness challenge(d).

Dad 2b felt that I would not be able to figure out how to post a video on to my blog.  He feels that since I am cute, and lack opposable thumbs (dew claws do not count), that I would not be techno savvy enough to post a video.  

So in an attempt to prove that I am not just a cute face I have posted the following video to entertain you...that is, if my posting actually worked!  If it does work you will be dazzled and amazed by the playtime of  "Lisa's Beagles" from YouTube.  By the way I am quite partial to the "lemon" beagle (the tan and white one) although they are all cute.

How much is that Chihueagle in the window?

For the last 4 months my brother and I have been lucky enough to grace the window of one of our favorite stores - The Pet Cabaret.  Actually I have to say that this is MY favorite store because this is where my mom buys my food, my bed and my squeaky toys.  The story of how our furry faces got in the window starts with the holiday photo session this past November when my mom took my *sigh* brother Riley and myself to the store to get photos taken for gifts for my grandparents and grandparents 2b.  A few of the furry friends' photos from this session were chosen by the owners of the store to be blown up into a poster to be shown in the store's window over the winter season. After mom found out that we were in the window she changed her route to work so that we could drive by the poster every morning (and evening on the way home). However, spring has sprung so it is *sigh* time for the poster to come down.  

My mom has made arrangements to make a donation to a local shelter so that we can take the poster home.

Below is the actual photo taken by Chris McLay of Unleashed Photography:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Protective gear

My mom is sick.  Lucky for me she has been in bed pretty much all weekend - which means that I have been in bed all weekend.  Yay! However, I really do not want to get whatever it is that she has.  I wonder if I will be protected by wrapping myself in this soft scarf?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Boston area team finally wins!

Boston College won!!  After a 6 month drought finally a Boston area team wins a championship with the Boston College Eagles' victory over Notre Dame's Fighting Irish in the NCAA men's hockey final!  They must have taken my advice about using their "eagle" beaks and talons to break down those Irish dudes' defenses early in the game.  

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good luck B.C.!!

                                                  photo: from Boston Globe at
Go Boston College! Go Boston College! Go Boston College!
The Boston College men's hockey team is playing for the NCAA title tonight against the fighting Irish (Notre Dame).  This is their third straight trip to the finals. Maybe those BC Eagles can poke their opponents' eyes out with their sharp beaks and talons in the first period of the game...
Go Boston College!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A fine day for a picnic.

Yesterday was such a lovely day that my mom took us to meet dad2b & HC for a picnic lunch!  I was so very excited when I saw that dad2b brought a meatball sub for lunch.  Above is a pic of my *sigh* brother and I patiently waiting for a taste of the aforementioned submarine sandwich.

Sadly we only got a few morsels of the sandwich and a few baby carrots to snack on.  

On the walk back I saw this awesome chicken bone! (see below)  I pulled and pulled and pulled on the leash to get it before my brother saw it; but my mean mom would not let me have the bone.  So very unfair! Hmph.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning!

What a beautiful morning it is in my hometown today!  Above is a picture of my *sigh* brother and I taken during our morning walk.  I think it rained last night because the pavement on the way to the park made my precious paws all wet.  Hey! You know what they say - April showers bring May flowers!

Here is a picture of my *sigh* brother sniffing the tulip plants that have been forcing their way out of the ground...I cannot wait to see their pretty blooms.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So good! So good! So good!

Yesterday was the Boston Red Sox home opener - and they won!  The team was presented with their 2007 World Series Rings prior to the game (shown below). Also, Neil Diamond did a special taped version of "Sweet Caroline" to be played at the 7th inning stretch (for non Boston peeps it is traditional for this song to be played during this time).  I was not available to watch the game as it would have cut in to my afternoon nap too much for me to view it.

I think that I could use some "bling" like this to accessorize my World Series Champs t-shirt above:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

There's no place like home...

So the NCAA college basketball tournament ended last night with an exciting game between Kansas and Memphis...or at least I was told that it was an exciting game - I slept through most of it.  As some of you may know, my mom and dad 2b had set up NCAA tournament brackets for fun with the winner getting breakfast in bed.  After the "sweet 16" weekend my dad 2b had enough points that even if my mom picked the final winner she still would have lost.  At this point they decided to go "all or nothing" - well, as fate would have it neither my mom or my dad 2b won as she had picked North Carolina and he had picked UCLA to win overall.  So that means that I will not suffer possible food poisoning from my dad 2b's "cooking"...and, yes, those quotations around the term cooking were used intentionally!  

By the way the picture above is of me and one of my mom's Ruby colored slippers in honor of Kansas/Wizard of Oz.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mourning Henry.

                                            picture from:
I am so very sad.  Henry, the beloved yellow labrador of Ms. Kate Sanders has been found (refer to March 25th post "Henry please come home").  Sadly he had accidentally fallen through some ice in their pool.  While this area was originally searched his body was not found because of heavy ice and leaf cover at that time.

I am so sad. woof.

To go to Henry's website click here.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sealed with a lick.

They have arrived!  They have arrived! 
My mom and dad 2b ordered special postage stamps for their upcoming wedding.  Shown above is the stamp that will grace the reply envelopes featuring yours truly.  My *sigh* brother Riley is depicted on the stamp that will be on the actual invitation envelope.  I am not entirely sure how I feel about Riley getting the $0.58 valued stamp versus the measly $0.42 stamp that I am on.  I may just have to pee on my parents' bed in retaliation!

My mom says that if any of you wish to create your own personalized stamps you can go to: and design your own.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Play date.

Today my mom had a play date with her friends Miss M and Z (shown above) and L and SKP.  L made a yummy quiche and SKP made a delicious and nutritious salad...or that is what I am told.  Later we - yes we - took a walk outside by the pond.  I was hot on the scent of a rabbit when I accidentally fell off L's dock and into the pond!  Unfortunately I wasn't my usual graceful self.  My mom, in fact, nearly peed her pants she laughed so hard.  Thanks a lot mom!  Good thing that I can doggy paddle.

Please sign my guest book. Woof.