Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty please....

Hello DWB pals. I am writing today to BEG you to please consider helping my mom. My mom has the possibility of representing the Animal Rescue League of Boston in the 2010 Boston Marathon. She is raising pledges to try to be picked as the runner who will get the marathon number that has been given to the League. The winner will be based on who can raise the most in pledges between now and October 31st. 100% of donations raised will go to the charity.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is a humane organization that: places homeless pets with loving people, helps prevent cruelty and neglect, promotes humane education as well as other services for animals such as veterinary care, animal rescue, foster care, rehabilitation and training. To learn more about the Animal Rescue League click HERE.

Additionally, next May my mother is turning 5.714 dog years (40 in human years) and it would be great if I could help her attain one of her dreams as a 40th birthday present - that is, to run the Boston Marathon.

If you can help please email: with the amount that you can pledge.

Please spread the word.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a glorious weekend!

Last weekend some of my DWB buddies came to visit...or so I was told. You see - as a special surprise my special square sweetie got us a private room at the Hotel Doglowe. I am pretty sure that Asta, Duffy, Lacie, Agatha & Archie, Mango and Dexter were around but I do not remember seeing them too much.

I think I remember Lacie enjoying a glass of wine
And then Asta joining her

And a few more glasses later....

And me having some "private time" with my sweetie

Oh wait! Mom said that this is a "G-rated" blog....well...let's just say that we had a wonderful weekend!

Thank you to all who travelled to Beantown!

Friday, October 9, 2009

DWB Beantown Weekend!

Okay, okay!
I can't wait! I am super excited for my DWB friends' visit this weekend. I know I don't look it in this picture it is just that I have gained a little weight and the dress is let's say, a little snug. Lacie told me that "snug" was good so I will take her word for it.

So far the plans are weather dependent but I do know that a trip to the famous Boston Public Library, the Freedom Trail, dinner in the North End (Italian) and a visit to Mango's estate is on the schedule.

Very, very exciting!!!

Okay, I need to paw-pare some more because the mum of a famous square dog is arriving soon!

Please sign my guest book. Woof.