Monday, December 14, 2009

New York! New York!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit some of my NY pals and my *sweetie* Eric, well flat Eric in the city that never sleeps - New York Cit-tayyyy!

Believe me when I tell you that flat Eric was indeed there - he flew all the way over the big pee I tell you!
(although he appears invisible in these pictures - maybe invisibility is a side effect of jet lag?)

Here is a cute picture of Asta welcoming us into her home on a rainy day.  Flat Eric said he was sorry that he brought the rain with him but I think the rain was from the tears of the other DWB friends that were unable to make it to the big apple.

Below is a picture of flat Eric and Asta playing hide and seek with a paper bag.

We took the Amtrak train from Beantown to NYC. Unfortunately, Riley and I had to shrink ourselves to go unnoticed by the conductor.  Since it was a bit wet outside the group decided to stop for a "cap-paw-cino"

After our hot drink we then decided to stroll along 5th avenue to see the Christmas windows.  Unfortunately the weather insisted on not playing nice so we ducked into a really neat store called Takashimaya.  They have a lot of really neat Japanese articles there and a booootiful floral department!

This was the only picture that we could get before we got disciplined for posing with the posies.  After taking a tea break in the fancy tea shoppe downstairs we attempted to stroll along 5th Ave again before heading home to Beantown.

Thank you to Ami, George, Asta, flat Eric,  and the 2-leggeds for a wonderful day!!

One last pic of me passed out on my lamb and much expanded after eating the NYC cookies that Eric bought me...nom nom nom nom...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful indeed.

Hello friends.  I hope that you are all well and enjoying your post turkey/Thursday bliss.  Yesterday I had much to be thankful for.  In addition to having wonderful friends and family, I was blessed with two special guests at the dinner table:

My cousin (?) Brittany and...

my handsome flat Eric!

Eric was super excited to be having Thanksgiving dinner at Nana and Pops' house.  He did comment that he thought the turkey was "rather fowl" on inspection but he was just being a funny boy!

He could NOT wait to sink his chops into some din-din:

and some pear-cranberry crumble that mom made for dessert:

For a flat boy he certainly was a good eater, paws down!

Thank you dear, sweet flat Eric for spending Thanksgiving with me!  You were the pawfect gentleman.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty please....

Hello DWB pals. I am writing today to BEG you to please consider helping my mom. My mom has the possibility of representing the Animal Rescue League of Boston in the 2010 Boston Marathon. She is raising pledges to try to be picked as the runner who will get the marathon number that has been given to the League. The winner will be based on who can raise the most in pledges between now and October 31st. 100% of donations raised will go to the charity.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is a humane organization that: places homeless pets with loving people, helps prevent cruelty and neglect, promotes humane education as well as other services for animals such as veterinary care, animal rescue, foster care, rehabilitation and training. To learn more about the Animal Rescue League click HERE.

Additionally, next May my mother is turning 5.714 dog years (40 in human years) and it would be great if I could help her attain one of her dreams as a 40th birthday present - that is, to run the Boston Marathon.

If you can help please email: with the amount that you can pledge.

Please spread the word.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What a glorious weekend!

Last weekend some of my DWB buddies came to visit...or so I was told. You see - as a special surprise my special square sweetie got us a private room at the Hotel Doglowe. I am pretty sure that Asta, Duffy, Lacie, Agatha & Archie, Mango and Dexter were around but I do not remember seeing them too much.

I think I remember Lacie enjoying a glass of wine
And then Asta joining her

And a few more glasses later....

And me having some "private time" with my sweetie

Oh wait! Mom said that this is a "G-rated" blog....well...let's just say that we had a wonderful weekend!

Thank you to all who travelled to Beantown!

Friday, October 9, 2009

DWB Beantown Weekend!

Okay, okay!
I can't wait! I am super excited for my DWB friends' visit this weekend. I know I don't look it in this picture it is just that I have gained a little weight and the dress is let's say, a little snug. Lacie told me that "snug" was good so I will take her word for it.

So far the plans are weather dependent but I do know that a trip to the famous Boston Public Library, the Freedom Trail, dinner in the North End (Italian) and a visit to Mango's estate is on the schedule.

Very, very exciting!!!

Okay, I need to paw-pare some more because the mum of a famous square dog is arriving soon!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our famous houseguest Eli Manning C.

Sorry friends, I know that it has been a long time...

So to begin, I would like to tell you that our friend Elizabeth did very well with her surgery - thank you all for your kind thoughts. To read about her progress or to check out her very interesting blog click HERE and make sure to say hello!

While Elizabeth was in the hospital we invited her fur baby Eli Manning C. to come over.

Here is a picture of us on the couch (he takes up more room than I would like)

Don't worry Eric there was absolutely no touching!

Here's a pic of Riley and Eli out for a walk

The "whole gang" waiting for mom to bring dad coffee

Unbeknownst to me after said coffee run Eli actually got to go to work with mom!!! I was not too pleased at this because I NEVER get to go anymore!

Eli the everpresent lap dog:

Eli trying to help out a customer:

He was the perfect guest while here but I have to say that I did not like having to share mom and dad's affection.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome Eli!

Remember I had you all consider your bucket list a few posts back? Well, our friends E & B checked off one item from their bucket list by getting a dog! I am pleased to introduce Eli, their new bundle of fur. He was adopted from a rescue and travelled all the way up from Tennessee.

Here he is inspecting the gifts we selected for him:

Chewing on a bully stick....we won't tell his pawrents what they are REALLY made of. Ignorance is bliss occasionally.

Isn't he cute?

Don't worry Eric my sweetie pie, I still only have eyes for you! Plus, we haven't met him pawsonally yet. I have a feeling that mom thought that Riley would have been too overwhelming for him because we all know that I am a perfect angel.

Mom & dad went to meet him yesterday and said that he was a wonderful dog!

Congratulations E & B! Two paws up!
To read more about Eli please check out E & B's blog by clicking HERE.

Monday, July 13, 2009

To be-nign or not to be.

photo: courtesy of Asta Up Over
Thanks to the crack nursing team of Asta, Agatha and Lacie I recovered uneventfully from the recovery from Lacie's smoothies was a different story (see picture below). Thank you to my nursie friends and to my handsome square dog Eric for helping me through my recovery.

Even Riley donned a pair of scrubs to try and help out - frankly I think he was just doing it to try and nab a Lacie smoothie.

Here is a pic of my "franken butt" - mom says that she will remove the stitches for me in a couple of days; just in time for Petey and Rosie's wedding!! Woot!

By the way - my lump that was removed ended up being benign! Phew!
Thanks to all of you for sending your healing vibes!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As snug as a bug, er...chihueagle


Just a little update to let you all know that I recovered from my plastic surgery and dental procedure. Before I forget thank you all for your pawsitive thoughts. For some reason those "annie"sthetiks drugs made me very sleepy and it took me longer than the average patient to wake up.

Firstly, I told mom that I am not your average chihueagle!! Secondly, I was dreaming of my dear sweet handsome square dog and did not want to wake up - would you wake up if you were dreaming of this??

addendum: okay, I did wake up from my dreams only to answer the celly phone because it was Eric! He called from all the way over the big pee to make sure that I was okay!! THANK YOU!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Plastic surgery?

I hope that all of my American friends had a most wonderful "Indapanties day" yesterday.

A little news. In pawparation for meeting a handsome square dog (some day), I have decided to have a little surgery. Mom says that she is worried about a couple of lumps that I have but I think that it is plastic surgery for Eric. While I am under anesthesia getting my lumps removed I will also have a dental procedure to make my pearly whites glisten.

I cannot wait for Eric to see the new and improved me.

Wish me luck my procedure is tomorrow (Monday).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HAPPY CANADA DAY! and Tag you're it

Our internet was down so we could not post earlier, however, better late than never so HAPPY CANADA DAY!!

Since Riley is the only canine Canadian he gets to have his picture on the blog today with his maple leaf bandanna on.

Also, a very handsome square from across the big pee suggested that I start a "tag" with my previous post on the "bucket/treat jar list." So in honour of the last hours of Canada day I would like to tag my Canadian blog friends to list their top 5 treat jar list items and post it on their blog.

This means you: Ms. Brador, Clover, Momo & Pinot, Chef and Sparky!!
Feel free to tag anyone you wish.

I would also like to tag "E" (aka Mrs. C) to do the same since it was due to her diagnosis of cancer that got me thinking of the treat jar list to begin with - although she can call it a "bucket list" or "cookie jar list" instead.

addendum-dum: the cat also pointed out that she, too, is Canadian and demanded to have her picture posted in honour of her national holiday.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bucket list

The recent news of my 2 legged friend "E" getting breast cancer has gotten me thinking about a bucket list, or rather a dog treat jar list. What would be on your treat jar list?

This is mine - so far:
1. meet my sweetie Eric nose to nose (even though I would probably howl at him).
2. have my pawrents hand feed me my meals
3. have Dr. Izzy's homemade doggy ice cream treats for dessert every day for a week
4. be able to participate in Junior Earthdog
5. roach in every Boston pahk (park)
6. NYC pet boutique shopping spree
7. eat a Montreal bagel with Ms. Brador
8. sleep a full 22 rather than 20 hours a day
9. eat the giant hamburger all by myself (see picture above)

Again, please go and visit my friend "E" to give her your words of encouragement and support by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pawsitive Vibes Please!

Hello friends.
I have a very important post today - our dear 2-legged friend "E" was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. While it was caught very early, the big "C" is always a scary word. We know she will beat this because she is a very strong and determined woman.

She has a tremendous support system of an incredibly loving husband, family and friends. We want to help too so we are sending all of the pawsitive vibes that we can muster.

Please help us by sending some pawsitive dog-blog-o-sphere love.
You can visit her blog by clicking HERE.

thank you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Momo-rable visit in Toronto

Last weekend Mom and Dad left us left us...again. They claimed they had a wedding to go to but when they returned all I heard about was what a wonderful time they had in Canada and how happy they were to see Momo & Pinot, baby brudder, J & R. What??!!!! MOMO and PINOT and BRUDDER and PAWRENTS!!! Are you kidding me??

Look at all the fun. Here is dad and R with Pinot in a nearby park:

Beautiful Momo before she got camera shy:

Pinot and his frisbee - he LOVES his frisbee according to mom and dad.

Look at dad playing frisbee with Pinot (mom is not nearly as good as throwing a frisbee).

And look at this cutie pie..."baby brudder" sweet and incredibly well behaved considering that I know how long my mom can talk and talk and talk and talk...

I wish that I could have been there!!! Mom absolutely promised to take me with her next time she is in Toronto

Please sign my guest book. Woof.