Sunday, January 25, 2009

A gift from Sophie - pawt deux

So along with the pawsome stuffies, toys,  FuBerry and iPaw, Sophie sent me some "Fido mints" - maybe it was in prep-pawration for my first date with Eric?  Maybe it was a hint?  Dad tried to offer me one
but I was too interested in my lamb stuffie.  But then dad told me that they were kitty litter flavoured.  I knew that Eric would more than appreciate kitty litter breath so I decided to try one.
The horror!  They were minty NOT kitty litter flavoured!  Dad tricked me! But I finished it anyway in hopes that Eric would appreciate my effort.
 (Personally I think the gift was really for Riley so I persuaded him to give it a go)
In addition to all the aforementioned gifts Sophie also sent us special Quebecoise bandanas!  Here is a picture of me with my bandana:
Unfortunately, Riley was not so conducive to wearing a Fleur de lis bandana
...little separatist!...

Merci beaucoup Sophie!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ms. Sophie Brador's gift - part une

After staring at Sophie's gift for what seems like ETERNITY I finally got mom to allow me to open the package.  As usual I tried to open it myself...
...but I didn't want to wreck my nails so I asked an unsuspecting bystander to help...
Wow!  Would you look at the haul that the divine Ms. Brador sent!!  Of course Riley had to stick his nose into my business when he saw all the cool gifts...
Mom and Dad said that it was rude to inspect the gifts without opening the card first - but I just could not help myself!
The card was addressed to both my brother and myself (I think Sophie was just being nice trying to include Riley cause I don't remember him being that nice to her when she was visiting us last summer! ahm!).

As much as I wanted to read the card to see what Ms. Brador had to say I had this irrefutable force drawing me to the plethora of stuffies 

not to mention the FuBerry phone and iPaw music device!
Rrrring!  Rrrring! Allo? Sophie?  
...Sophie's gift will continue in the next post...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eric's gifts pawt III

The leg warmers and the scarf (ahm, for "Riley") were most pawsome gifts but the best was yet to come...

Eric was so thoughtful to include a prezzie for my pawrents - a magnet of me!! You can see it in the picture above - it is a most pawtastic likeness of me and my pupcake. Shhh! Don't tell anyone but I am kind of hoping for a magnet of dear sweet *sigh* Eric...tee hee...

The last present was the most near and dear to my heart. It was a special note written by Eric himself with a most beautiful PAW-made ornament in the shape of a heart!!!! I cannot tell you how giddy I was after reading his note!
I would share the contents of the note but I do not want to make him blush - you know he blushes the most handsome shade of orange!

I laid my head on the note in hopes that it would enter my brain through osmosis so that I would have his wonderful words ingrained in my brain fur-ever and ever.
I slept soundly with Eric's heart nearby....
...notice the inscription on the back of the heart??
Oh Eric! Thank you!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gifts from Eric! (Christmas paw-t two)

Hello all!  Okay now that I have recovered from my New Year's celebrations time to continue my "tail" of Christmas day.  I have already told you about the gifts that Santa(s) brought now I have to tell you about what dear sweet (*sigh*) Eric got me!

I needed help opening his beautifully wrapped presents because I just had my nails done.

Leg warmers!  I got leg warmers!  I guess Eric felt that if he could not keep me warm himself that he would send me over the next best thing...don't I look fabulous?!
...I have included a "leg" shot for sweet Eric...notice the hearts?
But that is not all there was more!  Here is a pic of mom helping me open the next gift...

A scarf!  Oh Eric!  He is such a thoughtful square dog! The gift was actually intended for Riley but, in my opinion, it was accidentally mislabelled.  Shhh!  Don't tell him.  

Look at me!  Yes, I managed to slip out of my rear leg warmers (I was indoors after all).
But wait!  There is more!  Thank you Eric!

....please stay tuned.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hap-pee New Year!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

...Riley helped me with the special greeting below (notice the yellow "spot" in the snow) case you have trouble reading the snow message it says: Happee New Year! 
...please stay tuned for our next posts on Eric's Christmas package and Sophie's special suprise package....

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