Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girls night out...preview

Well the bachelorette night has arrived...FINALLY...I have been catching up on my sleep ALL week for this!  Here is a little taste of what I will be wearing this evening - what do you think??
This is the restaurant where my, I mean our, adventures will begin:
Okay, I must go and have a little nap before going out on the town!

Before I go I just wanted to post another flower for Asta and her family.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

For Asta's Daddi.

These flowers are for our friend Asta's family.  Asta's Daddi is not feeling well. This has been a difficult month for our beloved Asta and her family.  Please send them your pawsitive thoughts.

Boom chicka bow-WOW!

The other day we met up with our friends LC, SKP, and Miss M for lunch.  LC made a delicious quiche, SKP made a yummy salad with homemade dressing, and mom provided freshly baked Cannoli (freshly baked from our local Italian pastry shop, that is).

 Anyway, while at lunch SKP gave mom a gift in a very pretty pink box labeled "Victoria's Secret."  You see mom is not having a bridal shower - much to her maid of honor's dismay - however, she IS having a bachelorette party  THIS Saturday night!!   SKP is disappointed that she cannot make the pawty; she wanted my mom to have a "little something" special so she kindly spoiled her (or is she spoiling dad 2b?) with this gift.

Mom waited until we got home to open the box...she even let me help...let's see what is inside

Pysche!  I cannot show you what is inside!  Sorry, that was a mean trick.  Thank you SKP, Zach, Max & SkP for the great gift and the great homemade card!

...I am working on the possibility of a dogchuler pawty...stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I scream for Ice Cream!!!

Firstly, THANK YOU Clover for my pawsome award!!

On the way back from the marathon mom & dad-2b stopped at this very special might call it the 'mecca' of ice cream:

Here is another view of where the magic happens:
No wonder the ice cream tastes so good!  Those cows must be so happy living in such a beautiful area! Moo!

I seriously cannot believe they went there without me!  I am so mad that I could pee...on their bed!

They told me that they felt so guilty that they didn't even have any ice cream; likely story.  They also told me that they went to pay tribute to the flavors that are no longer with us that now reside in the "Flavor graveyard."
Here is a picture of the tombstones:
This flavor (next pic) was very popular but had to go to the graveyard due to increasing liqueur prices:
Look! Look! Ice cream for dogs!!!  Mom & dad2b can we go! please! please! you think a car full of dog hair counts as proof of pooch?

Can we go? I will be a good girl I promise! please!
ed.  Toffee I hate to break it to you but I think this was a sign from a previous year

Peace duuudes.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Before and After.

The camera was missing in action this morning when I posted so I couldn't really write much about mom's marathon other than to say that she managed a "personal worst"...but again she DID finish AND she had fun...well before she started melting in the heat, that is...

Here is a picture of her before the pain set in.  Actually, from the look on her face it looks like it is just beginning...
While doing the marathon she met some interesting blondes - like this one:
And these cuties:
By the way - it was dad2b that took these photos...thank you dad2b for supporting my mom during the marathon! = )

Here is a little video depicting how she is feeling today:

I know it isn't really doggy related but it does bring a smile to one's face. 

Spoiled rotten.

Boy am I TIRED!  Believe it or not I am snoring as I ...zzz...type! As Kiwi may have mentioned Riley & I were at our Nana & Pops2b over the past weekend while mom and dad2b went to Burlington, Vermont....zzzzz...  Mom ran her marathon on Sunday; ...zzzzz-snore-zzzz....she said that it was fun and she managed to attain a PW aka "personal worst"...yay mom!!  (ed. Ummm, Toffee a PW is not really a good thing but thanks for the support).  She said that the race was fun and that she met a lot of neat spectators...more on that later.  

Anyway, Riley and I had a fantastic time ourselves.  We got lots of walks and treats and love.  I know I am not supposed to tell mom this but we also got to help Nana & Pops-2b clean their dishes after every meal! Yum! 

After all of this generosity do you know what Riley did?!  He BIT Nana-2b!!  He is a very bad Russell Terrible!

"I am sorry Nana-2b!" - Riley


Thank you for a great weekend! Woof.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wait for me Agatha!...Junior Earthdog here I come!

Hello everyone, this is Kiwi here.  Toffee (& Riley) are away at Nana and Pops 2b's place this weekend because mom & dad2b are going away.  Mom is doing her marathon on Sunday - what would make someone run/walk/stagger 26.2 miles is beyond me.  Since Toffee is not around to bully me off of the computer I thought that I would try my paw at some blogging...heh heh.  

Well...all of this talk about "junior earthdog" got me thinking.  Toffee was upset that she could not participate because only recognized terrier breeds are allowed on the course.  Well! My feelings on that are displayed in my picture above.  But this got me thinking that this competition should be open to all that wish to participate!  So this morning I decided to begin my training by hunting down my very own "quarry"...for those of you not in the know "quarry" is what is at the end of the earthdog tunnel - usually a rat (or rats) in a cage.  Anyway, early this morning I hunted my own quarry - no tunnels - nothing.  Then, I proudly displayed my prize/treasure in my waterbowl for mom or dad2b to see.  Dad2b was the lucky one this morning; mom was kind of freaked out.  I am told that I found a mouse (duh!)

Mom is a little worried about the fact that I found a mouse - since Pesto and I are strictly indoor if only I could manage to get outside...Nunzio the North End rat you're next on my list...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dog day afternoon

As you may, or may not, know Riley and I live near a dog park of sorts.  It is basically a decent size of grassed in area by the water where the neighborhood dog owners & their canines come to hang out after work for some off-leash play.  Unfortunately I never get to go off leash because my mom does not have faith that I will come back after getting the scent of a rat or a goose or a duck or a chicken bone or...well, you get the picture.  Occasionally Riley gets to go off leash and play, however.

The other day mom decided to bring her camera to the park to take some pictures of our dog friends.  Above is a picture of "Dash" (his full name is Dashel but I don't know how to properly spell it).  He is a French Bulldog (aka "Frenchie") that lives about 5 doors down from us - I think he is very handsome.

Here are some other pics of our friends:

Triple threat or Three dog night?
One happy Wheaton!  My mom said that it was very difficult to get a pic of this dog because he would rather sit in her lap than have his photo taken:
Double trouble puggles!
This is Ainsley...she is also a neighbor.  We never get to say hello to eachother because I just want to howl at her - I hate to admit it but I am jealous of her beauty.
I don't remember the name of this handsome fellow but I know that he was rescued.  He is such a lucky boy!
Another handsome canine friend:
This is a cutie pie smiling for the camera - isn't she bootiful?!
Another smiley girl:
And another handsome boy resting in the afternoon sun:
Unfortunately, the playtime photo session got cut short because Riley decided to go for a beverage with the stylish "apres-work" crowd.  Mom had to go fetch him from the center of this crowd.  When she finally caught up with him she found him trying to order a pawtini from a cocktail server - he was trying to explain that in dog years nine years old IS legal...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Duck, duck, duck....gosling.

The other day my mom to be took us on a walk along the river in hopes of seeing some ducks, ducklings, geese and goslings.  Now, the river is much farther than we normally walk but I was game to go if it meant being able to chase some waterfowl.

We walked...and walked...and walked...until finally we saw this
And this:
After taking a few pictures we turned around and headed for home. Mom was a little disappointed because when she went running along the same route the previous weekend she had seen at least 30 babies.  She really wanted to get more pictures of them.

But then! On the way home we saw more!
Look at this little guy stretching his baby wings:
So after being a good girl over the entire walk I was waiting for my chance to CHASE the geese. I pulled on the leash to try and hint to mom that I had some chasing to do!  Did she let me off leash!? Nooooo.  I walked FOUR MILES! For what! Noth-ing.  Mom tells me that the exercise was good for me - you know what exercise would be even better!? Chasing geese! Hmph.

On a brighter note, I would like to thank Agatha & Archie for their great post yesterday entitled "Toffee Rules and a fabulous day" - I am glad that you liked your goodies!  Now if only you could convince Riley that I rule - maybe then he'd stop bullying me and stealing my dinner!

Also, I would like to thank Candi for these very special awards!

A special woof out to Senator Kennedy and his family...he was just diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor after suffering a few seizures over the weekend.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Junior Earthdog here I come!

After cheering on my blogger friend Agatha a few weeks back I have been inspired to train to participate in an Earthdog event myself.   To read my blogpost on Agatha attaining the first level of Junior Earthdog click here.  Anyway, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rats - especially the city rats that live in my area - I imagine that they are so tasty.  You see I live in the Italian section of the city so my rats are especially fat from all of the pasta - I believe they are carbo loading for me!   Eventually I will have to learn how to get to the ratsies by going into a tunnel like the one above.  For now I am just concentrating on chasing the ratsies in my 'hood.  

Well last night I stepped up my training a notch much to the dismay of my dad2b.  
A picture of our alley:
Usually on our way back from our walk we get let off our leash once we turn the corner to our alley.  On a usual night we run straight to our door which backs on to the alley; well not last night.  Last night was different.  
Riley and I could smell the ratsie odor as soon as we turned the corner - he was taunting us twitching is little ratsy whiskers - we HAD to chase him.  And that is just what we did.  I let out the loudest chihueagle howl that I could - ARROOOOO! We chased that carbo-loaded rat right out of our alley!  I was howling so loud out of the excitement! My howl was so intense and shrill that mom came running out of the apartment to see me running toward the street chasing the rat (ed. I never made it to the street). Man! Riley and I were such a team! I chased the rat and Riley grabbed the rat and shook it - WHAT A THRILL!!!  At one point dad2b was helping but it seemed more like he was chasing me rather than the rat. I mean dad2b is fast but he is no rat chaser and frankly he got in the way with all of his screaming.  In fact mom and dad2b were both screaming our names - at first I thought that they were cheering us on but they screamed so much that it made me turn my head and it made Riley drop the rat.  We could have had that rascally rat if it weren't for those meddling parents!

I will get you next time my rascally rat!

On a happy note - at least I got some really good training in for my Earthdog attempt.

Toffee, this is mom here.  Unfortunately, the American Kennel Club does not allow Chihueagles to participate in Earthdog events.  You could always help Riley with his training. Sorry.

Seriously?? No chihueagles in Earthdog?? Oh, come on! I could do way better than this dog who seems more interested in the little tree than with getting down to business!  

oh....maybe I could get my Junior Asphalt alleydog title??....
ed. Some DWB people expressed concern that Riley & I may have run into the street while chasing the rat - please note that I never, in fact, ran into the street because dad2b caught me in time.  Although mom & dad2b both reacted as if I had - they were very upset and told Riley & I that our off-leash running in the alley has now been revoked.

Hi, this is Nunzio the North End rat writing...all I have to say is - ha! ha! I got awayyy!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Party girl.

Phewww! WHAT A PARTY! Riley  & I packed our bags and went to Putter & Willow's birthday party in the land of Oz...Australia, that is!  Air Ruby picked us up yesterday and delivered us safely to the party where I enjoyed several Pawtinis on the beach and delicious birthday cake.  It was also terrier-ific to meet some of my DWB friends "down under!" 
Thank you all for a grreat time!  Happy birthday Willow and Putter!

On another note....please go over and visit Asta
She is very, very sad right now.  Please cheer her up.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green with excitement!

The Boston Celtics basketball defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and are now advancing to the conference finals against the Detroit Pistons...okay, I slept through the whole game but that is not the point - I mean there WERE rabbits to chase in my dreams you know....

wow! I seriously never thought that I would find the Celtics' bandwagon as cushy and as comfy as being on the bandwagon for the Red Sox.  Maybe mom will buy me one of these cool Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt so that I can wear it to Willow and Putter's birthday pawty tomorrow.
Go Celtics! There I said it - now back to zzzzzzz...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bully, bully....stick.

Riley and I were so good today at work that mom took us to Pet Cabaret for treats!  Mom bought us these special treats called "bully sticks" - Riley and I were so excited about our new treats that we started gnawing on them as soon as we got back to the car.  

Here's Riley chewing on his Bully stick.  Notice that the price tags are still on our chew treats.

While chewing on my stick thingy I accidentally lost it in between the passenger seat and the passenger door!  I was so upset because I only had it for less than 5 minutes before losing it.  How was I going to get my stick back?! I tried praying but that didn't work. I tried stealing Riley's but he would not share.  I tried using my beagle senses and sniffing it out but apparently there isn't enough suction in my nose.  Finally, I just cried, and cried and cried until my mom got so sick of hearing me whine that she said: "Don't make me pull this car over!" ...just kidding...she got so sick of hearing me cry that she pulled the car over and retrieved my stick for me - I wonder if she was a Labrador Retriever in a past life?

This is a picture of me trying to sniff out my Bully stick - my head is buried in the gap between the seat and the door.
When we finally got home I made sure that my stick never left my sight (or my mouth):
(you can see the stick hanging out of the right side of my mouth)

Aaah! Happiness is a Bully stick:

Tandem chewing:

I don't know what those Bully sticks are made of.  I sure hope they are made from real bullies because bullies are mean...and oh-so-tasty!

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