Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lost eh!?

Wallace & Cinna-spy (C-spy hereinafter) had absolutely no idea where to search for mom and dad 2b. Wallace, being the intelligent Red Sox mascot that he is, recalled that mom is Canadian* on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday. Given this information he decided to consult a Canadian goose to get some idea as to where they may have gone. The goose was almost incomprehensible as he added "eh" to every other word; plus he had a mouthful of birdseed!

Wallace ended up with some good ideas as to where to find mom and dad 2b even though the goose seemed more interested in eating than helping Wallace.

*my mom is both Canadian and American, eh.

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Stacey said...

Hey Toffee, eh,

Listen, I need to let you know, I KNOW where your parents are!! (or were) My apologies for not telling you, but you were better off sleeping IN the bed and not worrying...

Your pal,

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