Monday, January 14, 2008


Now that the tale of my parents' adventures in St. John is over I will revert back to discussing important topics in my life as a dog interspersed with tidbits from my parents' life and random blather and woof-outs. My original intention for today's blog was to discuss my suggestions of ice sculptures for the upcoming wedding. My mom assures me that she has absolutely NO intention of having an ice sculpture at her wedding, but I thought I could persuade her to change her mind if I found the right one; perhaps in the shape of a cute dog much like myself. So, while doing internet research on ice sculptures I came across the image that I have featured above for a product called Poop Freeze. I guess just a little spray with this product and you can turn any "steamer" into an instant "poopsicle"...this made me very excited cause my mom and dad 2b know how much I love steamers! and poopsicles! and kitty poop! Oh my! Mmmm...
To read more on the wonder product "poop freeze" click here.

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Stacey said...

Hi Toffee,

I heard about your solution to my dire snackless situation, and while your generosity in sharing a poopsicle with me is much appreciated, I think I may just kick back with a cup o' sugar...that should do the trick!! :-)

Your pal,

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