Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The search for Cinna-spy

After searching high and low my parents were unable to find Cinna-spy in the depths of the Caribbean waters. They decided to turn their search to Terra firma, that is to say they decided to search the land. Luckily they were able to enlist the help of "Wallace" the Red Sox mascot who happened to be catching some rays on a coconut shell on a nearby beach.

Wallace offered the use of his GPS machine to help my parents find Cinna-spy using global positioning coordinates. Below is the historical "unveiling" of Cinna-spy:

p.s. a small "woof" out to my beloved (THE) Ohio State Buckeyes who were sadly defeated by the Louisiana State tigers in the BCS championship game last night. Maybe next year buckeyes! woof.

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Todd aka Cuffy said...

Glad to se Cinna-spy is safe and sound! Looks she was having a good time down there!

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