Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow day!!!

Yesterday I had a snow day!! Yay! About 8pm on Sunday night Dr. SH called my mom and told her that I didn't have to go into work on Monday because there was a major "Nor'easter" expected overnight. This storm was expected to dump up to a foot of snow and create utter chaos with the morning commute. The last Nor'easter we had created a great deal of havoc on the roads so it was just a better choice to close the clinic. I personally think that Dr. SH did not want me getting hurt on my commute to work. I also think that she wanted me to catch up on my nap tim....zzzzz.....

addendum: A special woof out to N.C. who got engaged over the holidays! Maybe her dogs will be a part of her ceremony like Riley and I will be.

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