Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We're all saved!! Arrgh.

After a long and arduous week Riley and I have finally been saved!! Mom came to rescue us today. I was so excited that I even forgave her when she showed up sans hamburger. How could I not forgive her after hearing about the ordeal that she and dad 2b have been through over the past week! Mom still seems shaken up over it; and dad 2b was so distraught he couldn't even come to pick us up. I was only able to extract bits and pieces, but from what I could understand it seems that mom and dad 2b were kidnapped by the dread pirate cat (pictured above). He/she is always on the prowl which is why it is an action shot. Additionally, no one actually knows who the dread pirate cat is since he/she is always donning the black "mask". Apparently mom and dad 2b were parent-napped and forced to go to the Caribbean. Once there, they were made to endure several hardships and were forced to perform many tasks for the dread pirate cat. Most of which revolved around feeding him/her. Over the days to follow I will elaborate the various tortures that my parents endured. For the time being I will leave you with a picture of the view from their cell which overlooked the ship that the dread pirate-cat lives on (below).


Stacey said...

Dear Toffee,
Oh my! A run-in with pirates! As you know, my husband Todd is a "pirate" (or so he thinks), but he has never considered parent-napping (well, at least not parent-napping your parents). I can't wait to hear how they were able to get away from the dread pirate cat.
Your pal,

Toffee said...

@ Stacey -

I believe that your husband Pirate Todd actually KNOWS my parents well enough to not even wish to consider parent-napping them!

your pal,

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